Towards the mid-year holiday season, many hoteliers began to prepare themselves to re-open their businesses based on security and health protocols. The Indonesian government has also prepared guidelines that can be used to ensure that hotel areas remain clean and hygienic. So, what are the applications of New Normal in the hospitality industry? Come on, see the review through the explanation below!

1. Keep hotel cards and room clean
As objects that are included in the category of surfaces that are frequently touched, janitors will now also focus on maintaining the cleanliness of hotel cards and room keys. Reporting from, WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) advises hotel managers to evaluate the hotel cleaning guidelines periodically. The evaluation can be focused on certain points and surfaces that are often touched by visitors and hotel staff.

2. Keep applying social restrictions to guests
Although the New Normal era has been applied, the application of social distancing must continue to be carried out in order to maintain security among the visiting guests. According to WTTC, hoteliers need to post information about social restrictions so that guests can apply this effectively. In addition, hotel managers also need to provide special protocols at certain places, such as limiting the number of elevator users or public facilities such as fitness centers.

3. Providing training on health protocols to hotel staff
Before implementing New Normal, hotel owners also need to ensure that all staff understand the health protocol. Therefore, they are required to provide training to all staff, ranging from the application of social distancing to cleaning steps such as washing hands regularly and using masks.

4. Minimizing the use of goods in the hotel
To maintain cleanliness, hotel managers need to sort out, which items are needed and which items can be removed. This is effective in minimizing physical contact from the surface of objects which can later improve the risk of virus transmission.

5. Apply payments without physical contact
As we know, physical contact on the surface of objects can be one of the triggers for virus transmission. Therefore, hotel owners are also advised to provide contactless transactions so that users can make payments easily and practically. At present, the Cashlez App has provided a QuickShare feature that allows businesses to send QR codes to customers. In addition, there is also Cashlez Link, an online payment that allows customers to transact via their credit / debit cards without direct contact with hotel staff.

6. Delivering the New Normal protocol to the customer
As a service provider, hotel managers must submit the New Normal protocol to hotel guests. The communication must be clear, consistent and carried out regularly so that customers can understand the protocol well. This communication is very important because the application of New Normal is a new thing and must be applied thoroughly.

7. Open restaurant areas and meeting rooms based on hygiene protocols
In addition to re-offering lodging rooms, hotel managers can also open restaurant areas and hotel meeting rooms based on the hygiene protocol recommended by WTTC. Some of these recommendations include the application of social distance and disinfectant spraying. Not only that, the hotel owner also needs to ask the staff to maintain security there.

The application of New Normal in the tourism industry is very important, both to ensure the safety of every individual and to support economic growth. As a business owner in this sector, have you prepared the New Normal protocol?
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