For those who are single, the question "When to get married?" certainly often confuses. In fact, sometimes we can feel bored because we are asked about this too often. But, in fact. marriage has indeed become one of the most-awaited things. Hence, every couple tends to have their own preference to celebrate special moments before they start domestic life.


With the aim of helping prospective partners live their new life, one of the Cashlez Merchants from Yogyakarta, Savitri Wedding, also shared her experience in managing a family business that has been around since 1998. When interviewed by Cashlez, a part of Savitri Wedding, Soraya Ayu Hapsari or who is also often called Aya, stated that Savitri Wedding is committed to helping couple-to-be in their new life. "It is a pleasure to see the bride and groom and their families satisfied with Savitri Wedding’s services and products," said Aya.


Savitri Wedding was originally founded by Aya’s parents, namely Retno Savitri’s late mother who passed away in 2010. After that, Savitri Wedding was continued by Aya’s brother and his wife. Then since the last two years, Aya and her husband, namely Fery, have also been actively managing this family business. When it was first established, Savitri Wedding provided wedding trinkets, such as gifts, dowries, and souvenirs. Now, Savitri Wedding is also expanding its services by providing decoration services, wedding packages and retail business which provides products to support an environmentally friendly lifestyle, namely


Running a business that has been around for 22 years is certainly not a simple matter. It takes a strong will to continue to learn, develop, innovate while maintaining the quality of products and services. In addition, according to Aya, every business player also needs to focus on benefits, not just profits. Thus, the relationship between customers and business players can be well built.


Savitri Wedding also has a mission to help brides-to-be to organize environmentally friendly weddings. So, besides being able to build good relationships between humans, it is hoped that a good relationship between humans and nature can also be built. This eco-friendly wedding mission has also been implemented by Fery and Aya when they held their wedding in 2015. Both wedding decorations are made of used goods. In this new normal era, the concept of intimate and environmentally friendly weddings is also sought after by Savitri Wedding clients!


Apart from providing environmentally friendly wedding package services, Savitri Wedding also fully supports the government’s GNNT (Non-Cash National Movement) program. This is what then makes Aya and her family members provide Cashlez which accepts various transactions from credit cards, debit cards, virtual accounts, QRIS, and online card payments. That way, clients can reduce direct contact when transacting.


Of course, to make a business a sustainable business, we need to be committed and open. The thing is, we must be able to adapt to the changes. Come on, start to try new things so that your business grows!

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