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Tips from Tyreplus Alam Sutera for Providing Exclusive Car Workshop Services


Doing vehicle maintenance has indeed become one of the obligations of those of us who own a motorbike or car. Through regular vehicle checks and services, we can find out the condition of our vehicle and make it able to continue to be used optimally.


Of course, when doing maintenance on vehicles, we should not be careless. Make sure to first check the vehicle service place that we visit, it can be through reviews from previous customers, the products provided, and so on.


Well, if you’re looking for a place for maintenance for your favorite car, there is one Cashlez Merchant that provides exclusive and affordable repair services, namely Tyreplus Alam Sutera! Let’s find out how Tyreplus Alam Sutera presents various superior products and services for its customers!


Professional service, maximize the level of customer satisfaction!


Through interviews conducted online, Ms. Madeline, who represents the entire Tyreplus team, explained that Tyreplus, which was established in April 2019, has become the customer’s preferred automotive workshop to get reliable quality services without spending too much budget. Tyreplus is the right solution for car owners who want to find a quality repair shop after the car warranty period at an authorized car workshop ends.


At Tyreplus Alam Sutera, you can get a wide selection of products and services for your car. Some examples of the products presented are oil, batteries, shockbreakers, spare parts, and car bottom parts. Meanwhile, there are also various service options, ranging from routine service, tune up, spooring, balancing, brake cleaning, to draining automatic oil.


Leveraging digitization to expand


For business people who have not managed their business to go digital, of course making the switch to a digital platform will be a challenge. However, behind the challenges faced, there are many opportunities that we can take advantage of.


According to Mrs. Madeline, the digital era should be used to explore the business potential that we have as much as possible. You see, this era allows us to get a variety of information in a short time.


For example, when we want to find out how to maintain relationships with customers, we can directly find related information through search engines. Well, in Tyreplus itself, usually the Tyreplus team will make follow-up calls and reminders about when the customer should perform the next service.


The importance of implementing health protocols and adjustments in the digital era


To ensure the safety of customers and staff, Ms. Madeline and her team implement strict health protocols in all car workshop areas. Because as we know, at this time, we are still fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though currently active cases in Indonesia continue to decline, we must not be careless and ignore health protocols.


In addition, Ms. Madeline realized that in order to survive, a business must be able to adapt to current trends. Therefore, Tyreplus Indonesia is also digitizing its business through the Cashlez App! According to Ms. Madeline, Cashlez is the right solution to speed up the transaction process on Tyreplus. Moreover, there are many payment options that can be tailored to the customer’s wishes. Some examples are Cashlez Link (online link payment), Virtual Accounts, and QRIS.


From Ms. Madeline and the entire Tyreplus Alam Sutera team, we learned how important it is to adjust our business focus to the level of customer demand. In addition, automotive workshop business actors also need to go digital so that they can provide optimal services. For that, you can use Cashlez as a trusted partner to provide various cashless payment options as well as access sales reports that automatically record all transactions!

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