Reporting from, the number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia increased by 4,656 cases on April 27, 2021. This means we must remain aware and implement strict health protocols to reduce the risk of transmission. There are times, we may feel bored because we have to limit our mobility. But keep in mind, it is not only us who are affected by this impact, but everyone, including your customers. Well, as a loyal business actor, of course you need to understand your customers and support them in difficult times like this. And later on, your efforts will affect the level of customer satisfaction!


Why is customer satisfaction important?

Basically, customer satisfaction is a simple concept. So, you as a business actor provide quality products and services, then customers buy the product or service. After that, both parties, both you and the customer, are equally satisfied with what you got. Today, the concept of customer satisfaction is becoming more diverse. You see, both business actors and people involved in marketing consider that customer satisfaction is one of the indicators of the success of a product and service or an indicator that determines whether they have met customer expectations or not.


Tips for increasing customer satisfaction

We all probably already understand that customer satisfaction has a big influence on the success of our business. However, the challenge is that not all businesses understand how to make their customers happier. Of course, there is no definite formula for making it happen, but through the following tips, you can make your customers even more satisfied, no matter what industry you are in.


1. Understand our customers

Everyone has different tendencies. Hence, it is important for business actors to understand the uniqueness of their customers in order to increase their satisfaction and shopping experience. So, is it possible that we can understand each individual? Of course not. However, we can maximize our efforts to find out what customers are looking for and what they need based on the data we get. For example, we provide non-cash payment services to solve the problem of transaction difficulties and busy cashiers in places of business,


2. Create promotions

Who is a customer who doesn’t like being given a discount? Basically, getting a discount when shopping can certainly be a satisfaction in itself. Meanwhile, for business actors, the promotions held also aim to increase the number of customers. So, don’t hesitate to attract the attention of our potential customers by giving special offers!


3. Hold a flash sale at a certain time

Besides holding discounts, another tip that aims to increase customer satisfaction is through flash sales. This sales system is usually held in e-commerce or marketplaces. Products sold in flash sales will be given attractive discounts, but can only be purchased within a certain period of time and have a maximum purchase limit. For example, ahead of this Eid, we can offer various necessities for the Hari Raya, such as clothes, hampers, to Eid envelopes.


4. Listen to our customers

Since we want to give our customers what they need, of course we have to find out what their needs are. Basically, knowing customer needs is not difficult because there are many opportunities to interact with customers. Moreover, customers also tend to be open to businesses about their shopping experience. So, don’t hesitate to ask for customer feedback, for example in the form of questionnaires or support services for customers.


As smart business actors, we should show empathy for customers. This not only makes it easier for us to understand and provide for customer needs, but also to optimize the performance of the business that we run.

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