In starting a business, the most difficult and often hindering things for us is when we have to decide what business we want to do. Basically, there are various types of businesses that we can run, moreover business trends are always changing. As inspiration, here are 5 business ideas that provide maximum benefits for us.

1. Provide traditional products
Because Indonesia is one of the countries rich in tradition, we can also run a business that provides traditional products. In addition to participating in cultural preservation, we can also get various business opportunities, ranging from selling woven fabrics, batik, to woven.

2. Open a cafe or restaurant
The culinary business is indeed one of the most popular business fields. And until now, the cafe and restaurant business is still a promising opportunity. What is important, you can be creative and offer the privilege of your place of business to customers, ranging from the type of menu to the decoration that you use.

3. Business in agriculture and plantations
Who says agriculture and plantation business is boring? In fact, these two industry segments are the type of business where competition is fierce. However, you who have experience and knowledge in the field are certainly obliged to try this business because this business is still very much in demand, both from within and outside the country.

4. Creative industries
In today’s digital era, creativity is an absolute necessity. Therefore, do not be surprised if the potential in the creative industry is huge. This can be seen in the artists who produce his works, ranging from sculpture sculptors, painters, graphic designers, to singers.

5. Publisher services
Indonesia is a country that is famous for its publisher world. Therefore, it is not surprising that countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei also hire publisher services from Indonesia for their publishing needs. Well, if you have experience in the publisher field, don’t waste it and immediately open your own business!

Determining the idea of doing business does require a lot of consideration, from the experience you have to the capital that will be needed. Whatever type of business you want to run, make sure it suits your passion!

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