You may often hear the opinion that businesses can work flexibly. However, what if you have to constantly come to the store to make sure the whole selling process runs smoothly? Not to mention, you also have to check incoming transaction reports.


Entering the digital era, business people, including you, can take advantage of financial technology service solutions, such as the Cashlez Payment Gateway. Cashlez services not only make it easier for you to make non-cash transactions, but also monitor and optimize your business through access to sales reports. Let’s see what services you can use on Cashlez Reporting (Sales Dashboard)!


Access sales reports through Cashlez Reporting

Different from the Cashlez App, you need to access the Cashlez Reporting service through the Cashlez website. Following are the steps that need to be taken to enter Cashlez Reporting.

  1. Go to and select the “sign in/login” menu at the top. Then, select "Cashlez Reporting."
  2. Enter your account “Username” and “Password”.
  3. You will enter the Merchant Dashboard.

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Check Transaction Reports

To view transaction reports, you can click "Transaction" and select the sales report period at the top right.


Download data from Cashlez Reporting

To retrieve transaction data from Cashlez Reporting, you can click the "Download" button to download sales reports for the selected period.

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Check transaction summary

Apart from viewing transaction reports, Cashlez Reporting also makes it easier for you to view transaction summaries. At first, you need to click the "Transaction Summary" submenu and select the sales report period at the top right. You can see the Transaction Type, Transaction Amount, Transaction Volume, and Settlement Volume.


Use advanced search

Is there a particular transaction you want to check? Use the advanced search service via the transaction submenu and click the Advanced Search button to view transaction details. In the Advanced Search view you can see transactions based on Status, Transaction Type and so on.


Set settlement schedule

You no longer need to worry if you forget to do settlement. You see, you can set the settlement of card transaction services yourself in the "Settlement" menu. Just click the "Settlement Schedule" submenu. Then on the right (action) click the "Settings" logo and click "Edit" to set the settlement time for credit/debit card transactions. After that, click "Edit" when you have finished making the settings. On the Settlement Report submenu, you can view the settlement report.


Check and upgrade the transaction limit

You can see the monthly, daily Transaction Limits, as well as the maximum amount per transaction. To increase the transaction limit, select the Request Upgrade Limit submenu then click the + symbol on the right. Fill out the form and download the requested documents then select Add when everything is done.


How to cancel transactions from web reporting

To cancel transactions from Cashlez Reporting, you can select the transaction submenu in the Transaction menu, then click the Void button on the right. Verify your identity by filling in your Username and Password. After verifying identity, the transaction will be automatically canceled.


Regardless of the scale and business you run, you will need sales reports to see how your business is progressing. In Cashlez Reporting, you can see the number of transactions and types of goods that are purchased the most so you can evaluate your next plan. Monitor your business flexibly through Cashlez Reporting!

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