In a business, systems and procedures both play an important role to support business progress. Meanwhile, a system is not permanent, but can always develop based on things that are needed. That way, the system can connect every part of your business operations while making your business strategy run smoothly.

A system that is applied in a business can also be in the form of principles or practices that make the business able to help customers. Because basically, one of the purposes of using a business system is to increase customer satisfaction with the products and services that you provide.

Not only that, the business system can also help you work with the staff better. However, what are the types of systems commonly used in business? Find out in the following explanation!


1. Inventory


Every product provided by your business, of course, must first record the amount. However, if you or your staff have to do data collection manually, of course this can be very tiring, right? Therefore, a business system is also needed that can help you manage inventory. Cashlez Premium POS is equipped with stock in and stock out features so you can directly monitor the amount of stock available.

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2. Payroll


Paying the salaries of the staff you employ is done regularly. No wonder, the payroll business system is very easy for you. You see, you no longer need to spend a lot of time and money to take care of paying salaries. Moreover, the payroll system is also equipped with payment data. You will need this data when you do tax reporting.


3. Operation


It is undeniable, there are many business operational matters that must be considered by business actors. However, you don’t need to worry because currently, there are many operational jobs that can be done automatically. One of them is when processing transactions with customers. Payments can be made faster and more practically through a variety of payment feature options in the Cashlez application, ranging from QR Payment, online card payments, installments without a credit card, to Virtual Accounts!

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4. Lead generator


The sales aspect is very important for your business income. However, finding potential customers is not an instant thing. This is where a lead-generating business system you can use to find new potential customers. One of them is based on creating a list of customer categories who will need your products and services. Through this business system, you can save time doing research on potential customers.


5. ERP


If your business is already on a larger scale, then you can consider an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business system. This business system is a business management software that combines all information in one system. An ERP business system will allow you to improve all the procedures that are run on your business.


6. Human resource management


Managing staff is not easy if you do it manually, especially if you have a lot of staff. But nowadays, you can rely on a business system that helps you manage human resources, from setting working hours, sick leave, and leave.


You can use systems that are intended for a business to help you manage your business more smoothly. Of course, before you choose a business system, you also need to understand first what your business needs.

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