To open a restaurant, you not only determine the type of food menu, but also need to consider various aspects, ranging from the interior, atmosphere, to the type of service. Now, in today’s digital era, we can find various types of services in restaurants. As your inspiration, let’s look at 4 types of service at the dining place that you can apply!
1. Self-service
Usually, we can meet the waiter at the restaurant who will help us to order food and make payments. This type of service is called full service. However, nowadays, many eating places have also begun to implement self-service methods. Customers who come will serve their own needs, ranging from selecting menus, taking food or drinks, making transactions, to clean the equipment after he finished eating the food menu.

2. Table service
In addition to self service, we can also apply the method of table service, where customers who come will first enter the restaurant and choose their own seats. After that, then there are waiters who record orders and bring their food. In this type of service, there are also service options such as family service that involves the business owner to serve his guests at his own restaurant.

3. Assisted service
This type of assited service is an application of semi self service. The customer who comes to the assisted service will take the food he wants, then he will make the payment at the cashier. After that, the food will be processed and served by the waiter at the restaurant.

4. Special service
The type of service at a place to eat which is also now commonly found is special service, where businesses provide special services to food and beverage delivery service providers. Some of them are like home delivery, on-flight tray service, lounge service with comfortable special rooms, and room service that is widely available in hotels. Not only that, special service can also be found in the grill room in tepanyaki restaurants.
Already know the types of service in the restaurant? In your own place of business, which type of service is more suitable?

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