As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused offline events to be postponed for the last two years. However, along with the decline in positive cases and the implementation of the vaccination program, offline events are now being held again. Of course, the implementation of strict health protocols such as the use of masks and disinfectants will also remain a priority for event organizers.

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As a business owner, you can also take advantage of opportunities through leniency in organizing offline events. You see, there are various types of events that you participate in to broaden your horizons, increase brand awareness, or increase sales. So, what are the types of events that you can participate in? Check out the explanation below!


1. Association event


As a business owner, you can certainly join a community to get to know other business actors whose type of business is the same as the type of business you run. For example, you who run a retail business can join an association of retail business owners. Well, usually, the association will hold events that you can participate in such as webinars.


2. Workshop


Workshop refers to an activity that aims to train and improve the skills of participants. For business owners, the types of workshops you attend can vary, from tips on making the latest products, taking professional photos, to doing marketing through online platforms.

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3. Festivals


Festival is an event held to celebrate certain events, ranging from those related to the arts, culture, to culinary arts. This event will be held over several days or weeks. Business owners can also show their business potential through this event.


4. Bazaar


Want to attend an event where you can meet potential customers? Make sure you register as one of the tenants at the bazaar! You see, bazaars held in public places such as malls certainly give you many opportunities to reach customers.


5. Seminar


In addition to attending workshops, those of you who want to improve your skills as a business owner can also register as a seminar participant. Through this event, you can get new insights from experienced speakers. For example, a seminar on how to increase sales through social media will give you the opportunity to explore business potential that you previously didn’t think about, such as providing cashless payment facilities through the Cashlez Payment Gateway.


6. Product launch


Is your business developing a new product? If so, don’t hesitate to hold a product launch event. Through this event, you can introduce the innovations that your business brings to your target customers. To make this event even more interesting, you can also provide promos such as discounted prices.


7. Conference


A conference is an event that brings people together to exchange ideas and convey messages. Not only that, through conferences, you can also discuss openly about certain topics that are discussed at the conference. Usually, conferences for business people can discuss the latest business opportunities.


8. Trade Fair


Trade fair or trade show is an exhibition that can bring together business owners in the same industry. Through trade shows, business owners can show and demonstrate the products and services they provide. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you can also compare your business’s marketing and sales strategies with competitors through this event.


Organizing offline events does not only provide benefits for event organizers. Business actors who often open booths at offline events. So, what types of events are you interested in introducing your business?

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