The success of a business cannot be separated from your efforts to maintain good relationships with customers. When you are consistent in contacting customers, your customers will feel more appreciated. In addition, the communication that is established can also increase customer confidence in the business you are running.


Of course, growing a business as well as building interactions with customers is not an instant thing. Moreover, to increase customer satisfaction, you must first understand what your customers want. Well, to find out what you need to develop in your business, you can use the following 5 ways!


1. Find out customer tendencies


So that you can find out what customers need, then you need to first make details of customer needs. For that, start figuring out who your target customers are and what your customers want to buy. After that, make sure you understand when they buy the item and where they will make the purchase.

Then, you also need to consider their tendencies when transacting, if they use cashless transactions, you can provide Cashlez Apps that accepts various types of payments. In addition, you also need to know how much the customer wants to spend when shopping.

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2. Find things that can motivate customers


After you find out about the basic needs of customers, then you can then evaluate the motivation of your customers. For example, if you want to run a fashion business, then you can find out what motivates your potential customers to use fashion products.

The motivation of customers to shop can of course vary, ranging from wanting to look stylish, wanting to attend formal events, and wanting to wear comfortable clothes. In addition, the motivation to shop can also be caused by affordable prices or attractive promotions that your customers can get.


3. Compare with competing brands


Of course, the business that you run can also be developed based on comparisons from competitors. For example, you can compare based on the type of promotion that you and your competitors are holding.

If you don’t know what your competitors are doing, you’ll have a hard time figuring out an effective way to understand your customers. Conversely, when you pay attention to competitors, then you can find out what the strengths and weaknesses of these competitors are.


4. Define your business persona


When you find out customer needs, then you also need to create personas based on the most ideal customer criteria for your business. Of course, the persona is not real. However, you should make it based on the opinions of your own customers, for example regarding the reasons they use your product.

After that, you can use the persona to communicate with customers, for example through social media. The presence of these personas will help you to reach potential customers more effectively. You see, the criteria that you created have been adjusted to the tendencies of the target customers.

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5. Apply changes


Along with the business trip you run, of course you can get a lot of input from customers, business partners, and other parties. Well, you can use these opinions as inspiration to improve the customer experience. This can also increase customer satisfaction.

One of the changes you can practically make is managing your business through the Cashlez App. This business application provides various cashless payment methods as well as real time sales reports. So, customers can choose the type of payment they want to make.


The marketing and sales strategy that you have prepared can be implemented effectively if you first understand who your target customers are and what they need. Therefore, the strategy you prepare must be flexible so that it can always adapt to customer trends.

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