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Does the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic make it difficult to meet customers? Take it easy! Provide ShopeePay Online Payment on the Cashlez Link feature and youtr customers can directly scan for transacting. Notifications of payment will be sent in automatically after the transaction is successful. *T&C Apply


Let’s Get The ShopeePay Online Payment Feature!

  1. Click the Menu button [≡] on the Cashlez App.
  2. Select "Upgrade Feature".
  3. On the display "Request Payment Option", select "Cashlez Link" and "Submit".
  4. In the request note column (optional), input " ShopeePay Online and IG Merchant username with the format http://www.instagram.com/ ( account name ) or the Merchant Website to be registered and select " Submit ".
  5. ShopeePay Online Payment Option is able to be used.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You are already registered as a Merchant Cashlez and have a website or Instagram Business Account.
  2. Submission of the ShopeePay Online payment feature will be processed in a time less over 14 (four fourteen) working days.
  3. You can see the Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) here.
  4. You should attach information about businesses in the form of Photo Products, Information Link/URL Website (e-commerce) or Link/URL Online Shop on Instagram to email [email protected] with the subject of the email: "Submission Features Cashlez Link ShopeePay online-[Name Merchant]".
  5. When the online payment feature request is approved, you should do the test transaction in the amount of 1 IDR.


For further information, please contact Cashlez Care at 1500539 or email [email protected].
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