Trends in the way consumers pay is always developing so that it affects the business world. Nowadays, innovations that are popular are virtual payment methods that are considered far more practical and do not require a lot of money. Virtual payment, aka virtual payment itself is one of the effects of digitalization on various things.

In Indonesia, digitalization in the financial sector is also supported by the government that has launched GNNT aka the Non-Cash National Movement since 2014. The aim is to increase financial inclusion so that financial management becomes more secure and controlled. This will also make the payment process more efficient.

Compared to the use of cash when making transactions, virtual payments save money. For example, we can see in companies and travel service providers. Those who have switched to the virtual payment method no longer need to charge additional fees due to currency differences. Suppliers can also get paid in the same currency that they use.

Meanwhile, the virtual payment method of payment also has an automatic system for matching data. So, we can save time while viewing transaction reports in real time. Hence, virtual payment is more controlled and minimizes risk. If the virtual payment data specifications do not match, the transaction cannot be processed. Different from conventional payment systems where security risks are not guaranteed.

In addition to its advantages in terms of practicality and security, virtual payment is also very suitable for businesses that transact long distances with consumers. In sophisticated times like now, the buying and selling process is not always done face-to-face. There are various types of businesses that are actually more often purchased online. Well, this is where virtual payment becomes the required transaction method.

So, how do you get a virtual payment? It’s simple! You simply download the Cashlez application for free through the App Store or Play Store. After registering, you can transact using Cashlez Link so that your customers don’t have to bother paying at your place of business.

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