Having busy lives makes it difficult to allocate time for yourself. It would even seem much harder when you consistently do some things for others voluntarily. This perspective will last until you find your own reason that leads you to be more aware of your surroundings and give them your best.


In general, participating in volunteer activities that allow you to offer help for people in need, communities, or any other significant causes. Moreover, taking part in these beneficial activities can also be started in simple ways. Denny Setiawan, General Affair Officer, shared his serving community experience that has improved him, both personally and professionally. 

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Start by finding your why


Volunteering activities are not obligatory, but instead, they are optional. The reasons why one opts to become a volunteer might differ from each other. Understanding your motivations is indeed necessary, especially to keep your consistency up. Those who know exactly what they are doing will be more focused and persistent in pursuing their goals. This is because they can optimise their energy effectively instead of just wasting their time.


Previously, Denny was a college student who tended to avoid organisational committee commitments. So he used to join activities just to become a member. After graduating, he found his motivation to get involved in volunteering, namely because of his response to his faith. As a human being, Denny believes that the greatest thing a person can do to create fulfillment is serve others. He enables himself to grow spiritually and actively learn new skills.


Take a chance and make a change


There are an abundance of opportunities to become a volunteer. You can select the role you want based on your interests, skills, experience, educational background, and many more factors. Some of the examples are a medical student who chooses to join an NGO focused on healthcare services and a pet lover who serves as a pet sitter in a shelter for stray animals.

When joining his current organisation, Denny accepted the offer to be a part of the facilities division. He provided all the requirements for the organisation’s activities, from the equipment to the permission when they wanted to hold an outdoor event. "That was something I had never imagined I could do before; who would think that organising services like transportation, accommodation, parking, government and police permission, shooting tools, and other assets was possible?"

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Get involved, learn, and grow


In the organisation where Denny takes part, there are four values that all members recognise: come, grow, serve, and lead. Before making contributions, one should be brave to start and connect with others who will become their colleagues to learn. After enhancing your experience and knowledge, you can try to share what you’ve learned with others and be a positive influence by leading the people who need you.


To get experience or knowledge, we might spend our money. However, by becoming volunteers, we are able to gain them without hurting our pockets. The other good news is that there will always be a supportive family who will become your network and open new growth opportunities for you.


Becoming part of something greater than yourself. For instance, if you’re retired, unexpectedly unemployed, or have lost a loved one, helping others can give your life new meaning and keep you mentally stimulated.

Donating your time to others can bring happiness and improvement for them. Besides, you will also be more open to new things and make your lives more purposeful. The satisfaction of volunteering becomes a tonic for the body as well as the mind. After all, helping others means helping yourself too, right?


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