During the month of Ramadan, we are sure to find many business people who open seasonal businesses, such as those selling pastries or Eid clothes. Even though they are temporary, these business opportunities are very promising! You see, there are a lot of requests ahead of Eid. So, what if Eid has passed? Of course, we need to adapt again to the needs of our customers. Here are 8 business opportunities after Eid al-Fitr holidays that can be our inspirations!


1. Souvenir

As we know, this year we are back to be patient and refrain from going home. Hence, this can be an opportunity for those of you who live outside the capital city or other big cities. Offer souvenirs from your hometown to customers to treat their homesickness. Apart from buying souvenirs for yourself, many customers will ask you to send their orders to loved ones as a form of friendship.


2. Online services

For those of you who want to start a business after Eid holidays with minimal capital, this online service business opportunity is worth a try. Offer services that match your expertise, such as blog writing services, graphic design services, or caricature creation services. Give a price range and examples of work that you have done so that your prospective clients can be more sure to entrust you to work on their projects.


3. Selling gadgets and accessories

One of the Lebaran traditions that has never been overlooked is the giving of THR money. Through this tradition, many potential customers will use their THR to shop for goods, including gadgets and equipment. You can offer gadgets from low to high price ranges. Meanwhile, also provide a power bank, cellphone case, and data cable as additional equipment for gadgets.


4.Toys and collectibles

In addition to using THR money to buy gadgets and equipment, many potential customers are also looking for toys and collectibles in the form of action figures or diecasts. You see, toys and collectibles are a pleasure for customers who have certain hobbies. Well, for those of you who are interested in trying this business opportunity, you can start becoming a reseller or become a distributor directly.


5. Healthy food

It is undeniable that we often forget ourselves when celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which causes our diet to become out of control. Therefore, after the Eid holiday ends, many will look for healthy food and drinks to change their diet to become more balanced. Those of you who have skills in the culinary field can offer healthy menus such as roasted chicken, brown rice, fruit salads, or organic juices.


6. Laundry services

In the midst of busy preparing for Eid, not a few people have difficulty dividing their time to wash clothes. Even though this year there is no homecoming, there are still other activities carried out, for example, such as a staycation or preparing special Eid dishes. Therefore, using laundry services is an alternative that many customers choose.


7. Grocery store

When the Eid holiday ends, we can try the opportunity to start something new. And one of the business opportunities we can try is to open a grocery store that sells groceries. You see, this one business will always be sought after by customers to meet their daily needs. Apart from foodstuffs, we can also provide other necessities, such as toiletries, floor tiles, and so on.


8. Selling sacrificial animals

After Eid al-Fitr, the next two to three months we will be busy preparing for the Eid al-Adha. For business people, this moment can be a good opportunity to provide sacrificial animals. However, make sure we have made preparations in advance, yes, to be precise once Eid ends. With the maximum business strategy, we can generate a satisfactory turnover from this one business. 


For those who always see opportunities, nothing will be impossible. Let’s stay optimistic and learn to be more aware to market needs so that we can run our business optimally!


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