Who doesn’t know souvenirs? We can find this item everywhere, from tourist attractions, shopping centers, to companies that make souvenirs for branding needs. Moreover, there are various types of souvenirs that can be ordered and purchased by customers.


In general, the purpose of buying souvenirs is to provide a memento of a special occasion. Some of them such as weddings, company birthdays, and competitions. Therefore, it is not surprising that the souvenir business has great potential to get many orders. However, to get a lot of visitors, make sure you also pay attention to the following factors!

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1. Presenting unique items


Do you what one of the things that can make a gift shop interesting? Of course, the answer is a variety of unique items. Because it has a different appearance, these items will be easily remembered by visitors. In addition, unique products can also have designs that suit the tastes of customers, for example, such as pictures of certain anime shops or trending movies.


2. Affordable product prices


Another factor that also makes your souvenir business more visited is the price. When these products are priced at affordable prices, of course the visitors will be interested. Moreover, goods that are affordable can also reach many categories of customers, from teenagers to adults. In fact, it is not impossible if there are visitors who plan to buy in large quantities.

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3. Lots of interesting promotions


To ensure the hearts of customers, make sure you provide a variety of promotions for customers. Some of them include bundling packages, discounted prices, and free gifts for purchases of a certain nominal amount. You can adjust this promotional program based on a certain period, for example before the Lebaran holiday or payday promotions that can be held every month. In addition to promotions, you can also hold giveaways to increase awareness of your business online.


4. Always follow the trend


Perhaps, the products you offer have their own characteristics, especially if the souvenir is a souvenir from a certain area. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow trends. If there’s a new trend that appeals to potential customers, don’t hesitate to introduce it. In addition, you can also combine the concept of current trends with the characteristics of the souvenirs you sell.


5. Implement customer personalization


You can increase the potential for purchases from customers not only by attracting new customers. Just, you also need to maintain good relations with customers who have transacted. One of them is through personalization, namely providing offers to customers based on the goods that they previously purchased. Meanwhile, for new customers, you can personalize by asking the type of goods the customer is looking for.


6. Ease of payment processing


The superiority of a business souvenir does not only depend on the type of product provided. Instead, you will be an important consideration for customer convenience. When customers can make transactions smoothly and practically, they will have a satisfying shopping experience. Cashlez as a Payment Gateway provides various non-cash payment options that you can use for customers.


The attractiveness of the souvenir business that you run depends not only on one factor, but on several factors. So, you must be able to optimize these factors so that more customers shop.

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