Setting up a dream business entity is certainly something to look forward to. Because before we make it, there must be a lot of things that we need to do, from thinking about the business concept, what products and services will be offered, to strategies for making promotions. In order for all plans to run smoothly, of course you also need to have a permit legally. In Indonesia, you can get this permit by applying for a Trading Business Permit (SIUP). Let’s see a further explanation about SIUP and the steps for submitting it!


What is meant by a Business Trade Permit (SIUP)?

SIUP is an operating license for all companies or business entities that focus on the trade sector, for example, such as the sale of goods and services. Business actors, ranging from individuals, PT, CV, to BUMN are required to have this letter. The licensing itself will be issued by the Industry and Trade Office in accordance with the domicile of the company or business entity.


Why do you need to have a SIUP?

SIUP makes it easier for the government to record businesses that are active in trade in bodies and services. As for yourself, this letter has several roles as follows.

  1. Become a valid legal proof that your business entity has been officially registered by the state
  2. Requirements to participate in lang auction activities are carried out directly by the government
  3. Simplify the export-import process
  4. Supporting administrative and business development processes
  5. Increase the credibility of the company


Meanwhile, Article 4 paragraph (1) letter c, Regulation of the Minister of Trade No. 46 / M-DAG / PER/9/2009 based on SIUP is not mandatory for companies with the following criteria:

  1. The company has business activities outside the trading sector
  2. The company is a branch office or representative office
  3. Micro-scale trading companies which is:
  4. Individual or partnership business
  5. Business activities that are managed and managed by the owner or family members and have a maximum net worth of IDR 50,000,000 (excluding land and buildings).


Get to know the types of Company Business Permits (SIUP)

Before making a SIUP, you must first know the type of permit according to your place of business. Based on the level of wealth and business capital (excluding land and buildings for business):


  1. Micro SIUP (optional)

This SIUP is intended for micro business actors whose capital and net worth are less than 50 million rupiah.


  1. Small SIUP

This SIUP is intended for small business actors whose capital and net worth are 50 million to 500 million rupiah.


  1. Intermediate SIUP

Medium SIUP is aimed at micro-business actors whose capital and net worth are 500 million to 10 billion rupiah.


  1. Large SIUP

If the capital and net worth of a micro business reaches more than 10 billion rupiah, the SIUP intended is Large SIUP.


Steps to apply for SIUP

The process for applying for a SIUP varies, depending on your type of business.

Individual company

  1. hotocopy & e-KTP of original shareholders or shareholder
  2. Copy of the original concerned NPWP
  3. Domicile Certificate (SITU)
  4. Stamp
  5. Balance sheet or company financial statements
  6. Photo of the president director or shareholders, size 4x6 (2 pieces)
  7. Competion of other permits.

Limited Liability Company (PT)

  1. Copy & original e-KTP of the owner of the source of capital or as the main director
  2.  If the person in charge is a woman, then a photocopy & original family card is required
  3. Copy of NPWP & original
  4. Certificate

Taking care of administrative needs such as SIUP is a good first step so that you can run your business smoothly. And of course, you can also use the Cashlez App to make your business even more digital!

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