Even though she spends most of her time at home, housewives have many things to do. In the morning, she had to get up and prepare breakfast and lunch. Then she also had to wash, dry, scrub, cook dinner, shop at the market, and take care of the children.


So, what if we who are housewives have a dream of owning a business? Basically, there are many opportunities to start a business in the midst of taking care of homework. Here are 9 business opportunities that you can pursue based on 3 categories, namely the food and beverage sector, the digital world, and other fields.


A. Food and Beverages Business

For mommies who like cooking, baking, and other activities related to the culinary world, the following 3 types of businesses can be your reference!

1. Catering

Like to get compliments for delicious food? There’s nothing wrong with starting a catering business for the people around you. Provide a variety of different menu variations every day to attract more customers.

2. Pre order pastries

Now, if Cashlezians like baking, this is the right time to start collecting coffers ahead of Eid! Offer various types of pastries, from nastar, cat tongue cake and corn flakes to customers. To make it easier, open a pre-order system so that it makes sure there are no cake stocks left or customers out of stock.

3. Cooking class

Apart from providing a menu of dishes and cakes, you can also use your skills in the culinary field to teach others. Hold virtual cooking class sessions that the public can participate in. Since you are teaching, it would be better to use simple recipes first!


B. Digital Business

1. Blogger / Freelance Writer

Do Cashlezians like to write articles, stories, or other types of writing? If so, then you can try the opportunity to become a blogger or freelance writer. You see, this business has a high demand and you have the opportunity to work with other businesses and writers.

2. Online tutors

During this pandemic, many parents find it difficult to teach their children. Moreover, they also have full-time jobs so they cannot continually guide their children to attend online schools. Now, for those who like to teach, this is a great opportunity to offer online class services.

3. Online Translator

Have the ability to translate certain foreign languages such as English, French, or Arabic? Don’t hesitate to offer this one skill. You see, not a few people need translation services, for example for studying abroad.


C. Other business fields

1. Laundry

This one business opportunity is also very suitable for mommies who want to have a business. Make sure, you also have prepared the place and human resources to operate this business. As for shop names, you can create your own business name or buy a laundry franchise.


2. Grocery Store

This type of business is also very supportive of housewives who want to do business but can still take care of their children. You see, you can open your own grocery store stalls in your house. Provide daily necessities, such as sugar, rice, and soap.


3. Tailor services

Sewing is an activity that requires special care. Hence, mommies who have this expertise have the potential to open their own business. Not only that, this business opportunity also has a lot of potential, from those who want to make a kebaya to tailoring a dress!


In the midst of being busy as housewives, Cashlezians also have many opportunities to actualize themselves through various business opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Start your business and use the Cashlez App!

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