Who says entrepreneurship cannot benefit the community? In fact, you can also have a positive influence on the surrounding community so they can have a better life. Therefore, in addition to focusing on the things that can be done to develop a business, you also need to try to empower the community. Want to know what it looks like? Let’s see the following tips!

1. Become a distributor that distributes the products made by the community
Being a distributor is one way you can empower people. Even though you are not directly involved in the production, you can make it easier for people to sell the products they offer. This trick is very effective to help people who have not been able to access technology. Therefore, you need to market their products through social media or e-commerce. There are various products that you can offer, ranging from art crafts, special foods, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Opening jobs for the community
In addition to being a distributor, you can also provide employment opportunities for the surrounding community so that they can be directly involved in the production process at your business. Previously, make sure you also provide them with training so they can enrich the required knowledge and expertise later. Keep in mind, when giving training, you might also experience trial and error. However, this is totally normal. As long as you and the trainees are consistent, you and the community can produce quality products and contribute to the maximum.

3. Create social programs
You can also do business while empowering the community by organizing social programs. These programs become a place to help one another, for example, a program for public facilities construction projects or a program to help one community member who is having problems. You can publish these programs online so you can reach more audiences. So, other parties can easily find out about the program and contribute. In addition, you can also make a sale of which a portion of the proceeds is donated to fund these programs.

4. Apply the principle of sustainability
When you decide to empower people in the entrepreneurship that you run, make sure that it can be done sustainably. Although initially the role of the community did not appear dominant, over time the role would be seen, especially after the community had attended training and was accustomed to running their own production processes. Now, after the community can contribute actively, you also need to develop empowerment programs, for example through the provision of cooperatives or start supporting the community to run their own businesses. That way, the opportunity to grow the economy will be more and more.

5. Determine community empowerment strategies
Another important tip that you need to apply to contribute to society is to determine what kind of strategy you want to use. Because when you have a strategy, you can more easily determine what you need to do to achieve your goals. One strategy you can employ is to empower the community based on their background and expertise. In addition, you can also implement transformative strategies that provide training aimed at enabling the community to utilize these skills in the long run.

When an entrepreneur wants to empower the community, the most important thing you must have is consistency in order to achieve goals. Because through appropriate training, you and the community can develop the business they focus at.

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