In the digital era like now, success in doing business is not only measured by how big the business scale and the income you earn. The success of an entrepreneur today can actually be seen from how creative they are in creating solutions to the problems they face, such as how to make payment transactions more convenience. So, how do you become more creative in managing your business? Let’s, try to follow these 5 ways!

       1. Be open

You are indeed the founder of the business you are running today. However, to make it sustainable, you will need input from your team members. So, instead of just relying on one thought, you can get multiple references from team members. With different backgrounds, experiences and expertise, the thoughts of each member of your team will create diversity to achieve the same business goals.


  1. Take a short break

Forcing yourself to solve problems will make it even more difficult for you to use creativity. So, if you feel tired, try to take a short break so that your body and mind can relax. In addition, you can also do some sports and meditation movements. Regular practice will help you to optimize the creativity you have.


  1. Take control of yourself

Although innovation is usually created based on need, this does not mean that people are only creative when they feel stressed. Basically, too much pressure can also make you uncreative. You are more likely to optimize creativity when you feel calm, not when you feel stressed.


  1. Change the appearance of your surroundings

To increase creativity, you can also change the appearance of your surroundings, for example by using certain decorations, decorations, wallpapers, or plants. Believe it or not, a fresh look around you can help you when brainstorming. If necessary, you can also use aromatherapy candles!


  1. Do not drag on in failure

Believe it or not, creativity in doing business is also related to how you deal with failure. After experiencing failure, business actors who rely on creativity tend to remain optimistic. Then, they try to pursue their goal again with different strategies. So, instead of dragging on in sadness, they make this failure a valuable lesson.


Basically, you need creative ways to manage your business so that your business is not monotonous. Besides that, you can also support other staff to optimize their creativity!

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