Should a makeup artist (MUA) provides the customers with prestige brands? Definitely not! This has been proven by Farah Mahri, our speaker on yesterday’s Merchant Gathering “Starting a Journey as Beautypreneur.” Becoming a MUA since 2012, Farah has learned many things. Here are some tips from her for whoever interested in this field.

  1. Test the products

The best seller products don’t guarantee your customers’ satisfication. Test every product you bought to make sure they meet your expectation.

  1. Be confident

The only key to get a satisfying result is is confidence. Believe in what you do and focus on the purpose the make up.

  1. Creativity is needed

The customers have their own preferences, therefore you should be creative to fulfill their request. Get some inspirations from today’s make up trends.

  1. Bring a good communication

Convincing the customers is quite challenging. Some may refuse to wear eyelashes or anything they don’t like, but still, you should make them comfortable as well as stunning.

  1. Keep calm 

Even a professional makeup artist made mistakes. When this happens to you, don’t be panic. Show your professionality and correct it immediately.

After get some basic understandings about beautypreneurship, one also should know how to get the best product. Our sponsor, Tiny Me Up, gives solutions for all of us who want to try recommended products. They are packed in small size using hygiene standards to keep the quality. 

Then, what about the quality service  every make up artist should give? Of course, because of their high mobility, providing payment solutions like Cashlez will help them a lot. It accepts various non cash payments like credit/debit card and digital payments and can be brought anywhere, so the make up artist and the customers can transact easily. We also have special program for our merchants.

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