Entering the new month, which is September, you as a business owner certainly have high hopes for increasing sales. Well, the good news is, there’s actually a special moment that you shouldn’t miss, namely moment 9.9. This moment is often used by business owners, especially those who sell online to provide various attractive promos such as discounts and flash sales.

Although 9.9 gives you the opportunity to make your products more in demand, keep in mind that you are not the only business owner holding this promo. So, if you want to apply this promo effectively, you also need to know the right ways. Follow some of the following tips so that the 9.9 promo you run is even more successful!


1. Create a 9.9 . program plan


Before 9 September, you must first determine the strategy that will be carried out on the 9.9 promo. The strategy can be in the form of the duration of the promo, the type of promotion, the number or type of products offered, to other special terms and conditions. Usually, business owners will hold promos in the form of discounts or bundling promos at 9.9. However, there are also those who prefer to increase activity on online platforms, such as the giveaway program held on Instagram.

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2. Ensure the allocation of existing funds


Just as buyers must ensure the availability of funds before making transactions, those of you who want to hold a 9.9 promo also need to ensure the availability of funds for promotional purposes. You see, promotions for 9.9 may require an additional budget, starting from the packaging budget, the shipping budget, to the advertising budget. All budget requirements need to be recorded in detail and communicated to all staff so that you and all team members can run this program properly.


3. Spread the information about the promo


After you determine the promotion plan and the necessary budget, then the next step that you should not miss is spreading information about the promotion. Regardless of how attractive the promotional program you run, you will find it difficult to increase sales if your audience and target customers are not aware of the program. There are various ways to disseminate this information, ranging from placing banners in business premises, announcements on websites, and postings on social media.


4. Convince potential customers through testimonials


It is undeniable, if potential customers see a product that has a fairly large discount, they may not be sure of the quality of the product. To prove this quality, you can include testimonials given to customers who have previously shopped and used or tried the products you sell. You see, until now testimonials from customers are also one of the things that prospective buyers consider the most when they want to shop.

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5. Communicate effectively


Like other promos, the promo that you hold on 9.9 of course also has terms and conditions. So, if there are terms and conditions that cannot be fulfilled by the buyer, then they cannot get the promo. However, keep in mind that communication regarding these terms and conditions must be done in detail so that there is no misunderstanding between the two parties.


Shopping day 9.9 does not only attract buyers, but also sellers who aim to improve their business performance. Well, if you already know which things to do and which things not to do in the 9.9 promo, then the greater your chance to grow.

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