In the digital era, business owners need to increase brand awareness through marketing strategies on social media. You see, this one platform is included as one of the most widely used platforms by the audience to interact. Of course, there are various marketing strategies, one of which is through user-generated content (UGC).


User-generated content (UGC) is done by creating social media content about the products and services of a business. The content will then be shared on UGC’s social media accounts. That way, these products and services can attract other audiences. Unlike social media influencers, UGC is non-sponsored. So, business actors do not need to make payments. So, if you are interested in implementing the UGC strategy for your business, pay attention to the following things!

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1. Focus on the most used social media


If customers are satisfied with the products and services you provide, they can recommend them through their social media. Not surprisingly, social media can help you increase brand awareness. To make the UGC campaign run optimally, you can find out in advance what type of social media your audience uses the most.


2.Use important moments


If you want to get as much UGC as possible, then take advantage of important moments. For example, if you provide children’s clothing, then you can hold a UGC campaign ahead of Children’s Day. Invite children or parents to share your brand content that they have created.


3. Make exclusive offers


Customers who are interested in becoming UGC have a great curiosity about your brand. Therefore, try to provide exclusive offers, such as invitations to product launches. Apart from that, you can also offer them to become your official brand influencers.

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4. Create simple rules


When preparing UGC campaign conditions, it is not uncommon for business actors to include complex conditions. In fact, you actually need to make simple rules so that your audience can be interested in participating. The easier the way to follow the UGC campaign, the more UGC you can get.


5. Give appreciation to the audience


If you want to run a UGC campaign, then make sure to use social media and interact with content creators. Say thank you for the content they sent. Apart from that, you can also interact with them and provide a platform for creators or fans to exchange ideas.


6. Include credit when reposting


Want to display content about your brand made by customers? Make sure to always include credit, whether the content is in the form of photos, writing, quotes, or other media. Even though it looks simple, this method can show how much you appreciate the people who have created the content. What’s more, how to include credit is very simple, for example on social media which only requires you to tag to the content creator’s account.


7. Offer incentives for contributors


Maybe, there are still many who think that if UGC gets benefits, then the content they create is not natural. In fact, this assumption is not correct. As we know, the process of creating quality content is not easy, even for a professional. Therefore, through the incentives that you provide, customers can feel appreciation for the help that UGC has provided for your business.


Through contributions from UGC, you are not only helped to introduce the types of products and services that you provide. You see, they can also display the values and messages of your brand so that they can make the audience feel interested and shop. What’s more, the audience that UGC has is usually people they know. Therefore, the audience will not doubt the opinions they convey.

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