As a person who starts a business, you certainly have various ideas and strategies to make your business grow. However, if you really want to improve business performance, of course you can’t prepare it alone. Suggestions, ideas, or criticisms that you receive from other parties also play an important role in helping you see from different perspectives.

One of the parties you must ask your opinion is the customer. You see, customers have experienced firsthand how the services and products that you provide. To request customer feedback, you can ask them to fill out a survey. And, don’t forget to ask these 6 questions so you can evaluate your business more effectively!

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1. Why choose this brand?


As a business owner, you certainly need to understand what pluses you have compared to competitors. Through this question, you can find out what customers like. In addition, this question will also help you to find out the shortcomings that you need to improve later. In addition to asking why customers choose your brand, you can also ask additional questions such as “if customers can choose a competitor’s brand, what brand is it and why?


2. What is the biggest obstacle facing customers?


Evaluation is mandatory for a business owner, regardless of whether or not the performance of the business being carried out is increased. Questions about the obstacles faced by customers can broaden your perspective to present user-friendly products and services. Because even though you feel that your product is right, customers don’t necessarily think the same.

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3. What benefits do customers get?


In addition to asking the challenges that customers face, ask customers to explain what benefits they get from the products you sell. In addition, you can also ask about the benefits of existing services, such as the Cashlez non-cash payment facility which provides various transaction options, ranging from credit/debit cards, QRIS, Virtual Accounts, and others.


4. How satisfied are customers with your brand?


This question about customer satisfaction is very important to ask because it can measure the quality of your products and services. Maybe, you get positive feedback from customers. However, if you receive negative feedback, you need not feel pessimistic because you will always have the opportunity to make improvements.


5. How is the customer experience when shopping online and offline?


Not a few business actors today have used online platforms to offer their products. If you are one of them, you need to ask customers what they think about their experience when shopping online. Also ask the experience when they shop directly to the store to compare the two. If there are criticisms or suggestions, take them into your consideration.


6. What needs to be improved?


You can make customer opinions one of the considerations when you want to make a decision. You see, your customers are the ones who feel the benefits of the decisions you make. Therefore, before making a decision, you can also conduct research first to estimate the suitability of the strategy with the goals you want to achieve.


Customer surveys are not only important to find out the quality of the products and services that you have provided. Through the questions you ask, you can get new inspiration on how to improve the quality of these products and services.

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