If you want your business to grow, then you must first make changes or what is also known as business innovation. However, it is undeniable that there are many business owners who find it difficult to implement effective innovations. You see, you have to take advantage of the resources you have while monitoring developments in your business industry.


Meanwhile, business innovation is usually also often associated with the use of technology. Although there are indeed many business owners who make changes through technological advances, basically innovation is not only related to technology. You also need the right strategy so that the innovations you run can have a positive and sustainable impact. Well, to find out what types of innovations you can do, see the following explanation!

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1. Additional innovations


As the name implies, this innovation does not cause drastic changes to a business, but only provides additional features, for example in product features, brands, or production methods. Usually, additional innovations will be made after the business owner implements a significant change.

Meanwhile, additional innovations are usually also references from various parties, such as the staff you employ, customers, to business partners. One example of additional innovation that you can do if you have a food business is to provide a delivery service that makes it easier for customers to shop. While for retail businesses, you can provide a pre-order system for customers.


2. Disruptive innovation


Disruptive innovation refers to changes, both technologically and how to manage a business to adapt to the times. Not surprisingly, when business owners are about to make disruptive innovations, they tend not to pay attention to business competitors only, but also to the overall state of the market.

Therefore, disruptive innovations can be monitored and reach many people. However, disruptive innovation is one of the difficult innovations to do because before making a decision, you must first consider the impact of the decision on your business.


3. Continuous innovation


If you want to maintain your business position, then don’t forget to implement continuous innovation. Different from innovation that brings transformation, sustainable innovation tends to focus on managing the business through simple developments.

These developments can be applied to available products and services so that the customer’s shopping experience can be improved. For example, you can do continuous innovation through the use of the Cashlez Business Application, which provides payment gateway services. This service offers a variety of cashless payment options.

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4. Radical Innovation


Radical innovation refers to changes made so that the business is transformed and presents new ways to reach the market or manage the business. This innovation can occur when there are changes to the business that are applied as a whole, for example, such as organizational structure, business management processes, and the products and services that are presented.

Usually, the implementation of this radical innovation is also carried out through the use of technology so that business owners and their staff also adjust the way they manage their business.


Through understanding the types of innovation, you can find out which type of innovation you need to make your business more advanced. In addition, you can also involve all staff to express opinions about the innovations that will be carried out. And of course, don’t forget to look for references from other businesses that have implemented similar innovations. Come on, become a business owner who continues to learn and be open so that your business will run smoothly!

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