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Did you know that during this pandemic, the use of the Paylater feature has increased!


In 2020, this new Paylater user increased by 55%.

sumber: merdeka.com


As a modern businessman, of course you want to stay updated, right?

So, let’s immediately activate the Indodana Paylater feature directly from the Cashlez App!


Get easy installment payments with 0% interest for customers!*T&C apply

Simple Process, Better Result


1. Make Customers More Comfortable

Transactions are easier through Indodana Paylater with 0% installment interest for 1 month tenors and 3% flat interest for 3, 6, and 12 month tenors.


2. Transaction Process Doesn’t Use Long

Indodana feature submissions will be verified H+1 since the data is received, while your customers only need 5-30 minutes to complete the submission process.


3. Reach More Customers


There is an installment feature without a credit card, so selling is not complicated! Make transactions practically and increase sales at your place of business!


5 Easy Steps to Provide Indodana Features!

  1. Click the Menu button [≡] on the Cashlez App or Merchant Portal.
  2. Select "Upgrade Features".
  3. In the "Request Payment Option" display, select "Indodana" and "Submit".
  4. Add the estimated sales volume transaction and total transaction per month on “Note” coloumn.
  5. Select “Submit”.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. You have a business in the field of Fashion, Services, Transportation, Travel, Medical Devices, Market place, Hospitality, Ticketing, Mobile Stores, Retail Stores, or Food and Beverage
  2. You have a business located in the Greater Jakarta Area and must be in a Mall (shopping center) and/or outside a mall with a minimum of 5 store branches.
  3. If your business is an individual, the business must be well branded.
  4. Rate per transaction can be seen on this link.
  5. The application for the Indodana payment feature will be processed within H+7 working days from the submission of the Indodana feature.
  6. The entire process follows the terms and conditions of Indodana.
  7. The Indodana Transaction feature will automatically activate if your application has been approved.
  8. These terms and conditions are made based on the provisions that apply in Indodana and Cashlez, as well as the applicable legal provisions in Indonesia including the provisions of the Financial Services Authority Regulations.

Cashlez, One Solution for All of Your Business Transactions!

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