Every businessman certainly aims to get sales results on the business he founded. This goal does look simple, but in reality, we need to go through a process to achieve what we want. However, each type of business also has different tendencies. There are businesses that tend to be easier to run so that the velocity of money is faster. However, there are also businesses that require a longer process.


What things can we do to get "quick return on investment"?

There are several things that can affect the sales process, such as marketing strategies that can increase customer interest in the product. When the marketing methods we use are not right, our sales will also be affected. In addition, the sales process is also influenced by customer needs for the types of goods and services provided.


Potential business opportunities in rural areas

Business location also gives an influence on your business turnover because the needs of customers in one area are certainly different than customers in other places. Customers in rural areas, for example, naturally have different tendencies from urban communities. Therefore, potential business opportunities in the city may not be the same as business opportunities in the village. So, if we choose to do business in the village, what business opportunities does the potential to make us a quick return on investment? Here are the answers!


  1. Grocery store and basic food store

If you want to quickly return on investment while opening a home-based business, a grocery store or grocery store can be a solution. In this shop, businesses provide a variety of daily necessities, ranging from groceries such as eggs, oil, and rice and snacks that are commonly consumed by children. In addition, you can also provide other products in the form of school supplies such as books, bags, shoes, and pencils. These needs are never empty of enthusiasts, especially if you can offer competitive prices.


  1. PPOB Counters (Online Bank Payment Points)

A business idea in a rural area that can also make you get quick return on investment is to open a Payment Point Online Bank counter (PPOB). By opening this business, you can make it easier for customers to make various bill payments. Some of them are electricity, water and health insurance.


  1. Local food stalls and food shops

In various places, culinary becomes one of the popular aspects, including in rural areas. You can open a place to eat or regional specialty food stores. So, tourists can enjoy the culinary and bring local specialties as souvenirs.


  1. Selling various vegetables

The vegetable business is one of the business opportunities that has a long-term prospect, let alone supported by fertile village land. Meanwhile, the demand for various vegetables will also always be there because vegetables are one of the basic needs. The variety of vegetables you sell can be distributed to market traders, food stalls, supermarkets, and mobile vegetable traders.


  1. Sell gasoline

In general, gas stations are rarely found in rural areas. Usually, the people there have to travel long distances to go to the gas station in the city center. Well , this condition can be an opportunity for you to open a mini gas station. This type of business generally uses a franchise system. So, you can immediately open the gas station using equipment that has been provided by the owner franchisor.


Each type of business certainly has its own challenges. However, if your priority is capital turnover, you can choose the type of business that provides goods or services that include daily needs.

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