Developing and expanding is the main goal of every business actor. So, how do I do it? Here are 5 main keys that you can follow so that your business will be successful.


  1. Add variety of products and services

This strategy seems very simple, but to make it happen, you might face challenges. Because, you can not add products or services carelessly, but must adjust them to what your customers need. A simple example is making the payment process more practical and safe. Compared to only providing one payment option, of course your customers will be more helped if you can accept various payment methods using credit / debit cards or QR codes through an integrated system from Cashlez. In addition, all your transactions will also be recorded automatically so you can access them anytime, anywhere.


  1. Offer additional products and services to your customers

Through this trick, you can get closer to your customers. Therefore, it is important for you to save customer data so that you can easily contact them if at any time you have an interesting promotion. Through the free Cashlez Cashier Application, you can take advantage of the payment receipt feature via WhatsApp, Email, or SMS so that you can store customer contacts in a database. In addition to promotions, you can also take advantage of the points collection feature. So the more often customers shop, the more opportunities they have to exchange points earned with various prizes and vouchers that you provide.


  1. Expand to a new place

After doing business development through existing customers, you also need to find potential customers. One effective way you can do is to open new branches in different areas. Indeed, to open a new branch you will need no small cost. Therefore, before deciding which location you will occupy, it helps you do your research first. Try to consider, whether the place is strategic and visited by many people who have the potential to become your customers.


  1. Create new target customers

There are businesses that sell their products specifically for certain customer categories, for example based on age, hobbies, and gender. Actually, you can also expand the scope of your target consumers. So, try to think, roughly, who are the target customers that you haven’t thought of before. For example, you currently sell cooking equipment so you market your products to women, especially those who are housewives. In fact, your product is actually also needed by men who work as chefs. Therefore, you must have a different marketing method than before.


  1. Developing business into other domains

To expand your business, there are times when you also need to try a new business. For example, currently you sell children’s toys, then you can also start offering baby gear, from stroller to breast milk storage bags. What is important, you can do marketing in the right way, for example by offering to female customers who are taking their children to shop. If necessary, try to collaborate with other business actors so that your product is quickly glimpsed by the customer.

Satisfactory results can certainly be obtained if we try to the maximum. Make your business your place to learn and grow!



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