You have managed your accommodation well, but the number of visitors who come is not yet maximum? Surviving in the midst of intense lodging business competition is not easy because you need to understand your visitors well. That way, then you can provide the things they need. However, keep in mind that the needs of visitors to the inn you can not always match, the article there are also different needs. Now, so you can compete with other competitors and increase customer satisfaction, implement the following strategy!

1. Let customers judge your brand based on their perspective
Instead of directly informing visitors about what advantages they will get, it’s better you let them judge for themselves. This is effective to improve your lodging brand while making it a better reputation. You can apply this trick by improving the aesthetics of the hotel through installing art installations or holding interesting events so that visitors are closer to you.

2. Use creativity to create a memorable stay
You don’t need to be afraid to try things that can support a memorable stay. Because for visitors, experience is even more important than the quality of the hotel and the services you provide. For example, you can provide special services for visitors who want to have a late breakfast or get access to the gym at night.

3. Create an attractive space for visitors
While running a lodging business, you may notice certain visitors who stay a long time or come to your place often. Usually, visitors like this are a family or people who travel on business. Now, so that visitors who become your customers feel more comfortable, you can provide additional facilities, such as shuttle services and treatments such as spas.

4. Focus on the image of the inn as a tourist destination
Highlighting regional privileges at your accommodation can be a plus to increase a positive impression, both for visitors who come from within and from abroad. Because in general, a tourist wants a vacation to be more about the area he is visiting. Well, you can make it happen through the design and decoration at your inn.

Opening a business place to stay is a pleasant thing, the article we can interact directly with tourists while increasing our regional income. In order to make transactions at your lodging easier, don’t forget to use Cashlez which provides Pre-Auth & Completion features to save lodging deposits.

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