Laundry  is a solution for most people, especially those who work as students or office workers. Due to the tight time, they don’t have time to wash their own clothes. Therefore, do not be surprised if we can find a lot of manual laundry places in boarding houses or office areas. In addition to affordable rates, laundry services can also be done quickly. Well, if you are interested in opening your own kilo laundry service but are still in doubt because of the cost, don’t worry! Because basically, this business you can do even if you do not have a lot of capital, namely through the following tricks.
1. Determine the right price
When you are doing business for the first time, it means you don’t have a reputation. Service users don’t know you at all so they don’t know whether they need to use your laundry service or not. Well, the way to attract their attention is to offer laundry services at affordable prices and compete with the price of laundry kilos in general. However, keep in mind also that the price you put is in accordance with the capital you spend. Do not until you are difficult to manage finances because the price is too minimal.
2. Providing maximum service
In addition to focusing on price, you also need to focus on the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what types of services are available, ranging from laundry express options to payment options that make it easy for customers. Entering the digital era as it is now, it’s a good idea to provide various non-cash payment features through Cashlez so that your customers can trade practically and you don’t need to bother looking for change.
3. Look for a strategic place
Your location to open a laundry business will determine the smooth running of your business. If you, for example, open a laundry in a housing estate that mostly hires household assistant services, then chances are that your business is also difficult to grow. But on the contrary, if your business is located in a busy area, such as a school, office, or boarding house, then chances are that your business will also be visited by customers.
So what are you waiting for? Do not let minimal capital make you undo your intention to open laundry!

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