The rapid development of the internet makes people able to carry out various practical activities, including in matters of learning. Not surprisingly, online class business opportunities are wide open for those of you who have certain skills, ranging from expertise in academics, journalism, to the arts. But to successfully run an online class business, you also need to prepare the right plan. Let’s follow the steps below!


1. Decide what you want to teach

The first step to building an online classroom business is deciding what lessons you will teach. Find out what topics or skills you are good at. Keep in mind that to become a teacher, you must be more familiar with the topics you teach than the people you teach. To make this step more organized, detail your online class plan based on your passions and interests, skills, and experience. For example, if you have a passion in graphic design, you can write below the line and above the line designs in the skills section and some portfolios in the experience section.


2. Make sure the class you offer fits market’s needs

Once you have determined the course topics, the next step is to make sure that the topics meet the needs of the community. Don’t let it, you’ve spent a lot of time preparing course material, but it turns out that this type of course has minimal demand. Well, to find out whether the course you have prepared is in accordance with market demand or not, try to find out about online courses that also offer similar material as well as through forums, podcasts, or webinars.


3. Create a unique and attractive brand

When you have decided to teach a certain topic in your online course, then now is the time to build a business brand. At first, do not immediately take care of the logo and website. It’s true, logos, websites, and business social media accounts are important for your brand, but there is another important thing you need to pay attention to first, namely how you position your online course business. Of course, you should position yourself as a trusted and expert online class service provider. In addition, you also have to pay attention to who your target customers are, for example, students, office workers, or high school students.


4. Build your audience

Now, it’s time to build your audience. Audiences in this case are people who can communicate with you through various channels, such as blogs, social media, and networking. Without an audience who trusts and knows your brand, of course you will find it difficult to offer these online classes. So the sooner you start building an audience, the more opportunities you will have to introduce your online class business.


5. Create an online course

This fifth step is indeed one of the most interesting things when you want to prepare for an online class business. However, if you are not careful, you will also spend a lot of time preparing for this course. Usually, it can take several weeks or months to prepare for an online class, depending on the type of course you offer. But the more experience you have, the easier it will be for you to take the course.


6. Focus on course participant satisfaction

Even if you’ve determined the type of course you’re going to teach, find out what kind of course you need, build your brand and audience, and create your own online course, there’s still a lot you need to do. One of them is to prove to customers that the courses you offer are really trusted and useful. Therefore, make sure to always listen to feedback from course participants and maintain a good relationship with them


7. Keep your business organized

An equally important step in the success of doing business online is managing the operations of the business itself. Therefore, try to present a practical system so that you can manage your business efficiently. Through the Cashlez Payment Gateway, business actors can transact with customers practically, namely through Virtual Account payments, QRIS, or online payment cards.


Building an online course business can indeed be a satisfaction in itself. Besides being able to explore what you are interested in, you are also helping other people to understand the material they need. Come on, start the steps to build an online course business with Cashlez!

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