Along with the development of digital technology, the opportunity to sell online is increasingly wide open. One way that many businesses rely on to open an online shop is e-commerce. Different from physical stores, e-commerce actually provides convenience for selling online.


To provide e-commerce, you can use various platforms, ranging from mobile-based applications, chatbots, to websites. Not only that, business actors can also use third parties, namely through making shops on the marketplace. So, to optimally prepare your e-commerce business, follow these tips!


1. Prepare before start


The desire to present e-commerce services can make businesses rush. As a result, they opened their online store without sufficient preparation. As a result, the e-commerce does not meet customer expectations. In fact, to be able to optimize sales through e-commerce, you need to carry out various strategies, such as SEO, social media, paid advertising, and so on.

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2. Customer oriented


Do you know what things can make it difficult for an e-commerce business to get customers? Of course, one of the main factors is not tailoring products and services to what customers need. On the other hand, business actors can present things that can attract the attention of potential customers, such as the ease of making transactions using a fintech payment gateway, promos for discounted shipping costs, and bundling promos.


3. Make a good first impression


When potential customers visit your e-commerce store, they can make a quick first impression. Hence, the first impression will determine whether they like your e-commerce or not. So, make sure to present a comfortable e-commerce for customers, for example through color display.


4. Create a Call to Action & Registration button


Although they look simple, Call to Action (CTA) buttons actually have a big impact. You see, CTA buttons can increase conversion rates and website usage. To make the CTA button even more attractive, you can pay attention to the position, size, color contrast on the button.

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5. Using the right tools


In the midst of the development of the digital era, there are various programs that can improve your performance in selling through e-commerce. Therefore, you need to use the right tools, for example, such as the Fintech Payment Gateway service so that customers can transact online comfortably. You can integrate your e-commerce with Cashlez services.


6. Continue to follow the information and develop the business


Gathering information regarding customer trends and industry trends is important for business owners. Through these two things, you can evaluate which will be useful for preparing new strategies. You see, the sustainability of a business is greatly influenced by the ability to adapt.


7. Use discounts to attract customer attention


To get customers interested in shopping, you must be able to apply a sense of urgency, one of which is through promos. At certain times, you can offer a discount. Apart from that, you can also present products that are in limited supply so that customers are motivated to shop immediately.


8. Using a mobile-friendly e-commerce platform


Apart from paying attention to online shopping trends, you also need to ensure customer comfort. Compared to ordering via desktop, the number of customers shopping using smartphones is greater. Therefore, whatever type of e-commerce you use, make sure the platform is easily accessible via a smartphone.


The use of e-commerce can have a significant impact on business growth. You see, you can reach more audiences who live in different cities or even countries.

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