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Approaching Eid al-Adha, the qurban animal business is a very promising business opportunity. The thing is, business owners can get multiple profits. Not surprisingly, many business actors are interested in running this business, even though the qurban animal business is often used as a seasonal business.


Of course, in order for the qurbani business to run smoothly, business people must understand what things need to be prepared for and what to avoid. Not only that, qurban business actors also need to know the details of the costs required, such as salaries for workers and costs for managing animal cages. If this year you are also running a qurban animal business, make sure to do the following tips!

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Goat livestock business can be started with quite affordable capital, which is around IDR 10 million. Not to mention, the benefits that can be obtained are also very interesting. In the period leading up to Eid al-Adha, goats are one of the most sought-after types of animals. Moreover, goats also do not require large areas of land like cattle. Following are the details of the capital and profit opportunities for goat farming.


a. Initial fund

Ready-to-use cages: IDR 3 million

5 pairs of goats aged 5 months: IDR 500 thousand x 10 = IDR 5 million

Therefore, an initial fund of IDR 8 million is required.


b. Operating costs

Goats will need other needs, such as feed and vitamins as well as medicines, which are predicted to cost up to Rp. 1 million per month.

Meanwhile, this fee does not include costs if you do not have livestock land.


How much profit can be obtained from goat farming business?

After 15 months of age, one goat can be sold for IDR 2.5 million. This means you have to take care of the goat for ten months.

Income that can be obtained: IDR 2.5 million x 10 = IDR 25 million

Profits earned: IDR 25,000,000 - IDR 9,000,000 = IDR 16,000,000

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If you want to sell a cow as a qurban animal, a capital of around IDR 80 million is required. The total capital already includes the initial investment and operational costs. Here are the details.

a. Initial fund

5 cows: IDR 10 million x 5 = IDR 50 million

Tableware and others: 1 million

Land lease: IDR 15 million

Cages: IDR 7 million

Total initial capital: IDR 73 million


b. Operating costs

The operational needs of the qurban animal business are the costs required to care for livestock. Approximately, around IDR 7 million is required for operational needs which consist of:

Electricity, water and other bills: IDR 1.2 million

Additional food: IDR 450 thousand per month

Concentrate: IDR 3 million per month

Vaccines: IDR 450 thousand per month

Medicines and Vitamins: IDR 1.2 million per month

Total operational costs: IDR 6.3 million


Total capital: IDR 73,000,000 + IDR 6,300,000 = IDR 79,300,000


How much income can be generated?

Actually, the income that can be obtained depends on how old the cow is when it is taken. A cow can be care for within 6 to 12 months or maybe up to 3 years of age. If taken at the age of 6 months, a cow can be sold for around IDR 25 million per head. When you have 5 cows aged 6 months, you can get IDR 125 million.

Meanwhile, apart from doing the qurban animal business, cattle livestock can also become another business opportunity, namely cow dung. Every day, cows can produce about 20 kg of manure. So per month, there are about 3000 kg of manure. If the price per kg of manure is Rp. 1500, then you can get around Rp. 4.5 million rupiah.


The total sales obtained were IDR 129,500,000. Meanwhile, the profit that can be obtained is IDR 129,500,000 - IDR 79,300,000 = IDR 50,200,000


As one of the businesses that are in demand ahead of Eid al-Adha, the qurban animal business can provide large profit potential for business actors. Of course, these benefits will be obtained if you manage your business properly. Make sure the intake of qurban animals is fulfilled regularly.

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