Food is one of the business ideas that is often preferred by most soon to be entrepreneurs. Besides being one of the basic human needs, food is also easy to make if we already know the recipes and cooking techniques. We can do an ’experiment’ recipe in our own kitchen easily, without having to spend a lot of money. After that, the results of our cooking can be sampled directly by those closest to us.

To become a successful culinary business owner (foodpreneur), we do need passion so that we can live our business motivated and appreciate every step we make. But besides passion, we also need to prepare other things, such as that done by Angga Pratama, a chef and owner of Ang’s Grille Restaurant. What do you want to prepare for potential culinary businesspersons? Check out the following explanation!

First of all, a restaurant owner needs to determine what kind of food he will offer to prospective customers. According to the man who is often called Chef Ang, a foodpreneur can choose between two types of recipes, namely authentic that maintains traditional recipes or fusion that modifies original recipes. Chef Ang himself chose to use authentic recipes so that we could enjoy the delicious taste of American steaks on their own.

After determining the type of menu, the next thing that is needed by foodpreneur is market research. Even though the food we sell tastes very delicious, it doesn’t matter if we open a restaurant in an inappropriate place. This has been experienced by Chef Ang when he ran a business in Bali. Chef Ang’s restaurant is not visited by many customers because it turns out, the people around there are mostly vegetarians so they don’t eat beef. This then made Chef Ang decide to open Ang’s Grille in Bandung, his hometown.

The next thing a foodpreneur should have is to serve delicious dishes and easy service. We can rely on ourselves and people who can be trusted to do it so that the taste of food will still be guaranteed. Meanwhile, to make services practical, we can use applications and payment machines today.

For business transactions, Chef Ang has entrusted Cashlez in all his businesses since 2015. Cashlez himself provides applications and payment machines that can be used by various types of businesses. Through the application, you can enter products and prices automatically and accept various payments using the QR code, while through the Cashlez payment machine, you can accept various credit / debit cards used by your customers.

Learning from experienced people is an important thing we need to do as beginners. Are you ready to become a foodpreneur?

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