The month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr are big moments that the majority of Indonesians commemorate. Not surprisingly, business people can take advantage of this moment to boost their sales figures or open new business opportunities. Right now, we have entered D-7 days before Lebaran, meanwhile we cannot return to our hometowns. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to plan to open a shop during Eid using the following strategies!


1. Prepare additional stock

Because many suppliers are closed during Eid Al-Fitr, there is nothing wrong with starting to add more stock from now on. However, if a supplier who usually works with us is unavailable, try to find another supplier as a backup. Don’t forget to use the stock in and stock out feature in the Premium version of the Cashlez App which will automatically reduce your product stock every time there is a sale.


2. Allocate additional funds

Basically, not all business establishments can be open during Hari Raya holidays. Therefore, this is your chance to stand out in the eyes of your customers. Don’t hesitate to allocate additional funds to reach more customers, for example through advertising on social media. This strategy can be used for various business sectors, from clothing, food, parcels to tourism.


3. Post promotions to attract customers

In addition to advertising, you also need to hold special offers so that customers are more interested in shopping. This promotion is also effective in preventing unsold stock of goods. Giving direct discounts or cashbacks also helps you to increase customer loyalty. Before giving a promo, make sure to find out in advance what types of promos are suitable and which products are suitable for special prices.


4. Provide rewards for loyal customers

In special moments later, you as a business actor also need to show appreciation to loyal customers. Give rewards such as direct gifts for customers who frequently shop at your store. So. How to do it? It’s easy, you just need to collect customer data from sending e-receipts on the Cashlez App.


5. Hold a contest or giveaway

In the digital era, business people need the right strategy to market their products effectively. The use of online platforms such as social media is an alternative that we should try. Hold online contests related to our business and the moment of Eid. In addition, we can also hold a giveaway with prizes for the products we sell or other items that can attract the attention of the audience on social media.


6. Evaluate sales and market trends

In selling, of course, we shouldn’t just determine a strategy. All decisions we make must be made based on wise judgment and facts. On the Cashlez Reporting dashboard, we can see the trends in the products we offer, which ones customers are most looking for. From this, we can understand what our customers tend to be like. In addition, we can also conduct market research to see what kind of products and services match customer expectations.


On special moments like Eid, the decision to open a shop can be very profitable as long as we use the right strategies. Don’t forget to also adjust your business operating hours on Hari Raya!


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