Giving parcels is a tradition that is often done by the people of Indonesia when Lebaran. This is because the parcel can be a symbol of friendship that can be sent to the closest people, both friends and family. The parcel businessman in general provides various choices for customers, ranging from fruits, to cookies and syrup. Meanwhile, parcel ordering systems are generally carried out by pre-order , so the buyer will first order the businessman. So, is this business easy to run? The answer, of course, depends on the businessman himself. So that your parcel business is successful before Lebaran, follow these 5 tips!


  1. Know who can be the target consumer

If you want to open the Lebaran parcel pre order system, you can estimate in advance, to whom you will offer it. It’s possible, you start offering to the closest people, such as neighbors, business partners, or also your friends. Besides that, you also need to do a small survey about what kind of parcels they usually order? Do they tend to order parcels filled with fruit or just cakes? Through this method, you can more easily determine how you will promote your business to customers.


  1. Determine the product description starting from the price, type, and size

After conducting a small survey to see customer trends, now is the time for you to make a few examples of parcels that you will offer. Make the parcels in different sizes. In addition, you also need to make variations of the contents of the parcel. Through this method, you can determine what the price range is in the market. After that, you can readjust the parcel price with the customer’s order. In general, a parcel can cost hundreds of thousands to one million.


  1. Make orders according to the specified time

Because using the pre order system, you certainly have to make parcels according to the schedule requested by the customer. Remember, your business relies heavily on trust. So if you are late sending orders, then the level of their trust in you will certainly decrease. Conversely, if you can be professional, then they can recommend you to the people closest to them. Until now, the promotion of mouth is still one of the effective promotion!


  1. Promote your parcel starting from the closest people

As explained earlier, word of mouth promotion is very effective. Therefore, you also need to introduce your homemade parcel to the people closest to you. Neighbors, business partners, and relatives can promote it back to their colleagues. The more people who promote your business, the more likely you are to get customers.


  1. Use social media and online payment features

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, certainly buying and selling activities tend to be done digitally. Therefore, you also need to market your parcel through social media. In addition to reaching more customers, you can also provide the latest information to customers quickly, for example regarding price information, how to order, and how to pay. Due to social restrictions, you can join Cashlez partners and provide Cashlez Link features so that your customers can transact with their credit / debit cards through the payment link that you send.


Parcel became one of the most sought after products before Eid. Prepare your parcel business strategy early so you can manage your business smoothly!
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