The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020 has not only had an impact on the public health aspect, but also the business aspect. To reduce the number of virus transmission, many business actors have to limit their buying and selling activities. As a result, their income is reduced.


The automotive workshop business is also affected by the pandemic


The same thing happened to the vehicle repair business. Reporting from, Hermas Efendi Prabowo, General Chair of the Automotive Workshop Association (PBOIN) stated that automotive workshop entrepreneurs have the potential to lose revenue of Rp. 130.04 trillion. This was due to a decrease in trade transactions, both for vehicle maintenance and repair services.


In the midst of a situation that still requires us to fight against the pandemic, of course giving up is not an option. As an automotive workshop business actor, you must be able to make adjustments to minimize the impact of the pandemic and maximize the business potential you have. Therefore, let’s look at the following 5 tips to keep the automotive workshop business running smoothly!


1. Provide online consultation


Before the emergence of Covid-19, most customers would come directly to the automotive workshop to consult about their vehicle. But at this time, you should not only provide direct consultation services, but also online consultations. That way, you can provide feedback to customers for their vehicles. And after an online consultation, then the customer’s vehicle can be taken to the automotive workshop for maintenance.


2. Offer home service


One of the challenges of doing business in an automotive workshop during a pandemic occurs because of obstacles to meeting face-to-face. You see, different from the time before the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, now business owners must ensure that their place of business implements strict health protocols, including in terms of limiting the number of visitors. Therefore, you can now not only sit back and wait for customers to come, but also "look for the other opportunity" through home service services for customer vehicles.
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3. Follow up with customers


In addition to maximizing the services needed by the vehicle, you also need to follow up with customers to remind customers about the next vehicle service schedule. You see, any vehicle, whether motorbike or car, requires regular service so that its performance remains optimal. Not only that, routine service also minimizes the risk of damage that can occur to the car engine!


4. Transaction without direct contact


The spread of the virus can occur when we make direct contact. Therefore, you can also minimize this risk by providing direct contactless transactions from Cashlez! There are various payment options available for customers, such as payment links aka Cashlez Link, Virtual Accounts, installments, to Scan QR! And as a seller, you can practically monitor transactions directly from the sales dashboard!

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5. Adapt to current trends


To increase customer enthusiasm, you also need to follow current automotive trends. For example, you provide bundling package promos, discounts, and direct gifts for customers who use your automotive workshop services at certain moments or who have transacted with a certain nominal.


The Covid-19 pandemic is indeed a challenge for anyone, including automotive workshop businesses who have to make adjustments so that their business can continue to run smoothly. Keep in mind that no matter how difficult the conditions you are currently facing, there will definitely be solutions that can help you, such as Cashlez Payment Gateway as a solution for all your business transactions!

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