The food business you run has good reviews so you have lots of loyal customers. Not only that, many people who also want to taste the popular menus at your restaurant / cafe. However, what happens if they don’t have time to go there or if the distance from their place is too far? Of course, you need to provide delivery options in order to reach all customers.


Delivery service is already widely provided by various businesses. However, what happens if you are not ready to provide self-delivery services? We all know that preparing a vehicle for delivering food is not a simple thing. You have to think about operational costs, ranging from gasoline to maintenance costs. However, you don’t need to give up because you can use the services of third parties to deliver the food and drinks you sell.


You can become a third party partner by registering your business, starting from entering the name of the restaurant / cafe, downloading photos of food and beverage menus, and entering product descriptions and prices. Later, your customers can order food through the application from these third parties. So, you just provide food and give it to third parties because they are the ones who will deliver your food to customers.


For business payments, your customers do not deal directly with you, but to third parties. So, once you finish serving food, the third party will pay for the food. Then after the food reaches its destination, then they will get payment from customers. However, the customer can immediately give a review of the food he ordered so that other potential customers can get a reference, how the quality and taste of the food you serve.


The delivery system at the place of business is very helpful for businesses to stay connected with customers even though they do not meet in person. Moreover, in #SocialDistancing period like this, people naturally tend to follow the government’s advice to limit mobility. So, thanks to the delivery service, they no longer need to bother getting the food and drinks they want.


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