Sometimes, problems that arise in your store are caused by the transaction process. Moreover, the long payment process will also affect other things in business. And indirectly, this will certainly hinder the development of your business. Well, as a solution, try to apply the following practical ways!

1. Prioritize payment quality
For businesses, especially those operating on a micro scale, the flow of funds or cash flow becomes very important. Therefore, you must make the payment process a priority. So, all transaction requirements can be done effectively.

2. Provide the payment receipt

The proof of payments are important for each customer so they can find out the details of their purchases. This will make it easier for you to track purchases, while for buyers, proof of the transaction is also important so that they can check the price details and types of products they order.

3. Treat them well
When we were little, of course we were all taught by parents to say help and thank you. Basically, it is the basis of the procedure that we also need when we interact with customers. According to FreshBooks, if you get used to behaving politely, then your customers will likely make payments on time.

4. Take advantage of digital media
To makeyour customers can transact practically, then you also have to make changes. If you only received cash, then now you also need to use digital media for payment matters. You can get Cashlez as a smart solution, namely a medium that accepts non-cash payments from various credit / debit cards, as well as remote payments such as Cashlez Link.

5. Remind payment time
Most customers are late making payments because they do not know when their maximum time to transact. To solve this problem, you can use the Cashlez Link feature in the Cashlez Application. Through this feature, you can send a payment link so that customers can make virtual payments with a certain time limit.

Payment has become very crucial for the smooth running of a business. Have you used a payment solution to make it easier for you to sell?
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