We often hear that business fund is the most important thing that is necessary to start a business. In fact, only having fund is not enough to make our business grow. There are many factors that determine whether a business is improving or going down. If the business that you make has the 5 following signs, it means your business has not been effective yet and needs improvement.
  1. You don’t make any innovations
Everything is changed, including our financial system that began to switch into digital systems. If your business has not received digital transactions, then you won’t be able to serve the buyers who do not bring cash.
  1. Everything is completely manual
When you make your own report, you will spend more time and energy. In contrast, if you become a Cashlez Merchant, you can use your time for other things. The sales report section can be accessed easily in the Merchant Dashboard.
  1. The customer queue is too long
While looking for a refund, have you received complaints because customers have to wait in line for too long? If you use Cashlez, this will not happen. Customers can make digital payments and receive electronic receipts sent via email or SMS.
  1. Visit your store daily
You must visit the store to monitor the sale. If not, you don’t know the progress and you can also be cheated by your staff. In fact, you actually don’t need to always look directly at your place of business. When you complete your registration at Cashlez, you can access transactions at your store for free.
  1. Do not have a target buyer
Whatever type of goods or service you sell, the product must have a specific target audience. So, if you don’t know who are the right people to use, you won’t be able to market the product properly, for example when you sell toys that have just opened in an office area.

Businesses that are not running efficiently will be difficult to develop. Therefore, you as a business owner must open to any opportunity.
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