Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited special moments to express love for those closest to you. Usually, Valentine’s Day is celebrated together with our couple. However, apart from your partner, you can also take advantage of this moment to show appreciation for customers! Some of the ways below can be a solution for you.

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1. Send a thank you note


At the moment of Valentine’s Day, you need to show gratitude to the people who support your business. Of course, one of them is the customers who have trusted your brand’s products and services. Through a thank you message, you can let your customers know that you really appreciate them. To make the message sent more meaningful, you can greet customers by saying their name. In addition, also mention the details of the contributions they made.


2. Share knowledge


In addition to showing gratitude, expressions of affection for customers can also be done through organizing events that will attract customers’ interest. For example, your business is engaged in cosmetics. You can hold a beauty class to teach how to do makeup so that the customer’s appearance becomes more optimal. Besides that, you can also share knowledge such as how to store cosmetics. Through this knowledge, you can indirectly introduce the products offered.


3. Show a humanist side


Anyone can indeed send a message of affection. However, not all of these messages can be conveyed effectively to the recipient. To show that your business really prioritizes customers, use a humanist approach so that the level of customer trust in your business can increase. One way is through interaction via video calls when customers need help. Besides that, you can also send messages that use handwritten fonts to enhance the human side.

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4. Give gifts and promotions


Every customer will feel happy when the brand they are interested in presents an attractive offer. This offer can be applied in several ways, for example by giving direct gifts or promotions in the form of price discounts. On Valentine’s Day, you can present relevant promos such as one price for two products or bundling packages. So, customers can give these product bonuses as gifts to the people they care about.

5. Adaptation based on customer input


Of course, moments of affection between businesses and customers can be carried out in two directions. So, ask your customers to provide feedback. After you respond to their feedback, you also need to evaluate and adapt based on that input. If there are customers who provide input regarding limited payment options, then you can use the Cashlez Payment Gateway. This application provides various cashless transaction features so that customers can make transactions comfortably and safely.


6. Show your customers


Customers are an important part of business. You also have to make sure that customers know this. So, share content about your customer experience on various platforms, such as websites and social media. This strategy can not only improve your relationship with customers, but can also attract the attention of potential customers. Apart from going through content, you can also hold events and invite your customers to participate.


For business people, the customer is the aspect that most influences the sustainability of a business. Without support from customers, it will be difficult for you to run and grow your business. Therefore, make sure to always maintain a good relationship with them through the moment of celebrating Valentine’s Day!

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