In running a business, you need to give your best by paying attention to all aspects of your business. This is because the little things that you miss can also be an important assessment for customers. You need to be keen so you can understand the current situation, for example, like the phenomenon of financial digitalization. Nowadays, there are many non-cash payments, aka cashless. Well, if you don’t want to get protested by customers because they don’t accept non-cash payments, don’t forget to use Cashlez! Cashlez gives you a lot of convenience in doing business, through the following advantages.

1. Process various non-cash transactions
Compared to payments using cash, non-cash payments are preferred because they are more practical and fast. However, businesses often do not provide all types of non-cash payments that customers use. By using Cashlez, you don’t need to refuse customer payments, because Cashlez accepts various non-cash payments, ranging from credit / debit cards, to payments via QR Code.

2. You can accept virtual payments
There are customers who want to shop but don’t have the chance to visit your place of business? Don’t worry, you can still serve these customers as Cashlez also provides Cashlez Link feature. So, you just send the payment link to the customer so that the customer will immediately transfer the purchase amount.

3. Cashlez can be used anytime and anywhere
Cashlez payment machines are very easy to carry anywhere, including when you are attending certain bazaars or exhibitions. By using Bluetooth, the Cashlez payment engine will be integrated directly into the Cashlez application which you can download for free through the App Store and Play Store.

4. You don’t need to do manual settlement
Business operators who use non-cash payments usually have to settle manually. So they will spend more time and energy once they forget to do settlement. But when you use Cashlez, settlements can be set automatically so you can determine yourself when you want to do the settlement.

5. You don’t need to recapitulate data manually
Running a business is often seen as a complicated process, because after your merchandise has been sold, you must also record the amount of your sales. However, if you join Cashlez Merchant, you don’t need to create the sales reports manually. Cashlez provides an automatic sales report feature that can be accessed free of charge by businesses.

In business, you can’t focus on just one thing. In addition to product quality, you also need to simplify your business by providing a digital payment tool and cashier application that will automatically record transactions at your store.
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