Along with the times, the means of payment used for shopping have become increasingly diverse. In the past, before people recognized currency, transactions were carried out through the exchange of goods or what was known as barter. Then, paper money and coins appeared which were used as a means of transaction.

In the digital era, where information technology is growing rapidly, payment instruments are becoming increasingly diverse. One of them is a non-cash payment option using a debit/credit card. After you record and count the goods, the customer will issue the card to be swiped into the EDC machine. So, what is an EDC machine and its role for business owners? Find out the answer through the following review!


1. Increase business productivity


Through the EDC machine, you can monitor a list of transactions which you can then use as evaluation material. For example, based on the transaction list, it appears that many buyers are interested in one of the products you sell. Based on this data, you can provide more stock from suppliers. Not only that, you can also use the available sales data to find out the problems your business is facing and find solutions to these problems.


2. Digital sales report


When using an electronic data capture machine, you don’t need to worry because the security on this machine system is guaranteed. Transaction lists will be directly stored digitally, not recorded on paper that can change color and be fragile. Meanwhile, through sales reports recorded on the EDC machine, you can also check sales reports at any time, even over a long period of time. On the Cashlez EDC Machine, you can access transaction records through Cashlez Reporting on the Cashlez web portal.


3. Improve shopping experience


Customer convenience is a priority for every business because the more satisfied customers are, the more opportunities for business to develop. Through the Cashlez EDC machine, your customers can flexibly choose credit/debit card payment options. Not only that, in the Cashlez App, you can also provide other payment options, ranging from virtual accounts, payment links, QR payments, to installments. Of course, this cashless payment service can make customers come back to shop.


4. Make business more effective


At first, there may be business actors who are hesitant to provide an EDC machine. They are not sure about the benefits of the machine. However, actually EDC machines provide many benefits to make your business more efficient. You see, this machine will make the payment process at your place of business more optimal. Staff who act as cashiers can also be more productive. Not only that, you can also have various opportunities to integrate payment methods according to customer preferences, such as Buy Now Pay Later.


5. More accurate


Transactions made through the EDC machine are certainly more accurate than cash transactions. You see, these transactions are processed using electronic devices. You can minimize the risk of errors that can occur when processing sales data. Of course, this service makes customers feel more comfortable and safe.


The EDC machine provides a practical payment transaction solution because customers do not need to prepare cash. You also don’t have to bother exchanging change. It’s time to use the CashlezONE EDC machine that accepts transactions using debit/credit cards with the VISA, MasterCard, JCB, GPN logo, as well as debit cards with the Maestro logo.


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