In the midst of the rapid development of information technology, online shopping trends are increasing. Reporting from, there are more than 74% of consumers in Indonesia who choose to shop online. Compared to shopping in person, ordering at online stores is considered more practical because customers do not need to waste their time traveling to physical stores.


The rise of online purchases makes people now look forward to special moments when shopping online, namely Harbolnas. Want to know what Harbolnas is and its impact on your business? Check it out through the following explanation!


Definition of Harbolnas (National Online Shopping Day)


National Online Shopping Day or what is often called Harbolnas is a moment to celebrate online shopping moments. At Harbolnas, usually business owners will hold a large-scale promotion. Harbolnas itself falls at the end of the year, which is every December 12th.


What is the role of Harbolnas for your business?


Harbolnas is one of the big opportunities that you need to take advantage of to increase sales. At this moment, customers will compete to get their target product with the best offer from the seller. However, besides being the moment that consumers have been waiting for, Harbolnas is also often used by businesses. You see, at this moment there will be many opportunities for business actors to market and sell their products. To find out more, here is a description of the role of Harbolnas for your business!

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1. Opportunity to spend on sales stock


Do you have a lot of unsold stock? If the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to take advantage of the Harbolnas moment. At this moment, you can offer a discount on the clearance sale program or what is also known as a clearance sale promo. Because the product supply is limited, of course customers will be motivated to make purchases immediately.


2. Customer acquisition


One of the challenges faced by businesses is marketing their products to potential customers. Usually, a business will take a lot of effort to reach potential customers. However, at moments like Harbolnas, you don’t even need to bother reaching your target customers. If the products and services you provide meet their expectations, then they will immediately order or contact you.


3. Increase sales figures


Due to the high interest of customers in Harbolnas, your chances of increasing sales during this moment are also high. Usually, you find several potential customers who are interested but decide not to buy. But during Harbolnas, the number of customers who transact immediately after they choose a product will increase. This can be seen in the Nielsen Indonesia Survey in 2021. Reporting from, the value of shopping transactions during Harbolnas 2021 increased 56%.

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4. Increase brand awareness


In addition to increasing sales conversion rates, Harbolnas moments can also be an opportunity for the products and services you provide to be better known to potential customers. You see, there will be many potential customers who come to visit your online store and see the products that you offer. There, they will also find out the specifications of the products available.


As one of the biggest moments in online purchases, Harbolnas has a lot of potential to increase sales for your business. So, don’t miss this special moment and give the best offer for your business! Do you already have a plan regarding what program you will run?

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