Receiving payments through the online system is increasingly in demand by business people. Not surprisingly, non-cash transactions have also increased, especially since this process also greatly facilitates consumers. They simply use non-cash transaction tools such as credit cards to pay for the product or service they want. While for business owners like you, you also need to use a moment like this as a reference to develop your business by providing a means that can receive and process payments. This can be done by using a payment receipt feature.

In fact, providing payment services can be a difficult thing to do because today, the risk of fraud is everywhere. Therefore, you need a payment aggregator as an intermediary that simplifies the payment process while ensuring the security of transactions. So, what exactly is meant by a payment aggregator?

Payment aggregator is a business model that acts as an intermediary between merchants and payment receivers. Hence, the payment aggregator is referred to as a third party that collects all merchant transactions through one account. Through a payment aggregator, business operators no longer need to take care of non-cash transaction receipts.

Meanwhile, payment aggregators can also be used for various types of transactions, for example via credit or debit cards. Not surprisingly, businesses that use payment aggregators can more easily operate their businesses and transact with consumers more practically. They do not need to take care of the payment process regularly.

To use the payment aggregator service, you can register first through Cashlez, the payment aggregator that you can always count on. The requirements to become a Cashlez Merchant are very simple, because you only need to attach your KTP, NPWP, and registration form. While for business-scale business owners, it is also necessary to attach company SIUP and NPWP. Cashlez already has a PCI certificate so you don’t need to hesitate anymore about the ease and security of transactions.

Once you use a payment aggregator, you can immediately transact non-cash with customers. So, both you and your customers can make buying and selling easier. Have you used Cashlez?

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