When planning to run a business, you will certainly prepare the products and services that will be offered. However, how do you get potential customers interested in these products and services? Of course, you need to promote it or what is often referred to in the business world as marketing.


Through implementing a marketing strategy, you can explain to potential customers that your business can meet their expectations. You see, your products and services match the criteria they want. So, to carry out promotions, you can use various methods that can be categorized into two, namely traditional and modern. Want to know what’s the difference between traditional and modern marketing strategies? Check out the following explanation!


Traditional Marketing Strategy


Traditional marketing strategies are generally popular in various circles. Moreover, this strategy is also applied in various situations. Usually, marketing that is done traditionally will prioritize certain services or products. Meanwhile, the media used can vary.


When carrying out traditional promotions, business actors usually have no difficulty explaining details about the products and services they provide. In fact, usually these explanations will be easily understood by various groups. However, it should be noted that this strategy tends to work effectively when applied to certain areas or scopes. You see, without the need to use an internet connection, the audience around the area can immediately find the promotions that you put up.

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Example of traditional marketing


Basically, traditional marketing can be done in a variety of ways, from those with affordable budgets to those that require a lot of money. Here are some examples of traditional marketing that you can do:


1. Business cards and flyers


Providing business cards and brochures is one of the fastest ways to provide information about your business.


2. Advertisements on TV and radio


There are thousands of audiences who listen to the radio and watch TV. Therefore, you can consider advertising in these two media.


3. Billboards and signage.


The use of billboards and signage is a promotional alternative for you to reach an audience that is currently passing around.


Modern marketing strategy


Do you know what is the most different between traditional marketing and modern marketing? The answer is the focus of promotion. Traditional marketing focuses on conveying explanations about products and services. Meanwhile, in modern marketing, the focus is on the customer.


Nowadays, businesses can take advantage of a variety of strategies to increase customer satisfaction, such as using an EDC machine that can accept various payments from credit/debit cards. Of course, the implementation of these services will also be adjusted to customer trends.


Apart from being oriented towards customer satisfaction, modern marketing strategies can usually be adjusted according to the needs of business actors. In addition, promotional materials can be accessed using any device. Not surprisingly, this strategy can reach a global audience and increase customer trust and loyalty.


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Modern marketing examples


To use a modern marketing strategy, you can use various channels. You can see examples of modern marketing in the following explanation.


1. Internet advertising


Platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube can be the right choice for you to build awareness.


2. E-commerce websites


Using e-commerce on your website can help you promote your products to potential customers without the need to open a physical store.


3. Email marketing


This strategy is often referred to as a strategy that has the highest return on investment. You see, you can communicate for various purposes, from the latest promotions to certain events.


Both traditional marketing strategies and modern marketing can be used by businesses to reach audiences effectively. Of course, you can combine several strategies and use multiple channels to meet your desired goals. Let’s, improve your marketing strategy and use a method that suits your product and industry!

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