As human beings, we definitely have our own point of view which usually make our preferences different from each other. This also impacts on how we see the world and what we prioritize in life. To Paddy Josef, our VP Backend Service & System Excellent, it is all about keep moving forward.

He realizes that most of us have a desire to be considered as a great as possible. When we succeeded to impress the others, our self-confidence will be boosted. However, we can’t be like that all the time. Somehow, what we are strength at can also become a boomerang for us. Even if previously we had gained many experiences and skills, we can be nobody, especially any time we start something new.

Getting critics, receiving complains, and having many tasks to do seem so overwheming. Sometimes, they  but we need to take action and enjoy the learning process. Joining our IT Department since March 2019, Paddy said that there are still a lot of things he and his team should accomplish. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t make any significant progress, but rather he knows and continue to look for what he doesn’t know. 

“Get to know yourself, find what your strengths and weaknesses are. No matter how excellent you are, you still have to let go of your ego and keep learning. This will enable you to contribute more to the society,” said him.

Being curious is the key for a great learner to stay motivated. As the VP, Paddy appreciates his team because of their willingness to improve. It also signifies the healthy relationship among the members that doesn’t only depend on one person, there is no such a superman who does everthing. All of us may have different position, but we complete each other to reach the same goal.

There is one other factor that inspires Paddy to give the best of him: family. Since our first moment in life, family has been helping us shaping our personality. From our parents and siblings, we learn the most important values such as love, truthfulness, care, and of course emphaty. That comes as no surprise if Paddy chooses to take his leisure time during the weekend with his family.

What is the most important thing in your life? Whatever the answer is, let it be your daily positive vibes!

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