In today’s era, digital technology has become important for various aspects. Therefore, it is undeniable that in the midst of rapid technological developments, digital literacy is one of the skills you need in everyday life, including when running a business. You see, the digital literacy that you have will help you to communicate, evaluate, and manage the information you get on digital media effectively.

Despite its very important role, not a few business owners face the challenge of increasing digital literacy. As a result, they have not been able to maximize their business in the digital era. So, what can you do to improve digital literacy? Find out through the following explanation!

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1. List the impact of the digital revolution on your business


Before you learn to improve digital literacy, the first thing you need to do is predict what aspects of your business will be affected by the digital revolution. One example is an automated system, such as Cashlez Reporting, which directly records incoming transactions so you don’t need to make reports manually. After considering, you also need to predict how the system you apply will affect your daily life. If you use the Cashlez sales report system, then you will certainly have additional time to take care of other business needs.


2. Learn what skills you need


You already know what digital technology you might be able to apply to your business. After that, you can start to find out what skills you think you need to help you expand your knowledge about business digitization. This stage will help you to find suitable learning resources. For example, to improve your ability to manage your business in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, you can study with experts in the digital field at the Webinar.

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3. Make a plan to improve digital literacy


If you employ staff, then they also need to be motivated to increase digital literacy. First of all, you must first make a plan or strategy that you and your staff can do. At this stage, you are advised to speak directly with the staff to discuss what skills you expect from them. After that, you can also give suggestions on how to improve these skills. There are various ways that you can do, such as conducting training and familiarizing staff to use digital technology.


4. Be a humble and open individual


Keep in mind that digital literacy is not just the ability to use digital technology, but also take advantage of this technology so that you can get satisfactory results for your business. For that, you don’t need to feel ashamed and afraid if you make a mistake. Make sure to always ask for help from those around you who are experts so you can learn to be better than before. Moreover, basically, the people you ask for help are also happy when they can share their knowledge with others.


Digital literacy has become one of the crucial aspects to support business development. You see, the broader understanding you have regarding technology to run a business, the greater the opportunity you will get to grow. Let’s improve your digital literacy skills!

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