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The holiday season is one of the most exciting and enjoyable moments for businesses. You see, ahead of the holidays there will be product orders from customers. In order for the sales process to run effectively, business actors also need to prepare their business when entering the holiday period. Even though it may seem difficult at first, preparing for the holidays will help you avoid stress and attract the attention of potential customers.


Meanwhile, apart from preparing a sales strategy during the holiday period, business actors also need to know which types of businesses are of interest to many customers. These types of businesses can inspire you, for example when you want to open a side business. So, is your business one of them? Find out the answer in the following explanation!


1. Clothing rental services


The excitement of the holiday season is often filled with interesting activities. It could be, the activity uses a certain theme so the participants have to adjust their costumes. Because they are only used once, they will certainly feel doubtful when they have to buy. So, if you have a clothing rental business, take this opportunity to get more customers.

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2. Party decoration service


Apart from clothes, party events that are carried out during the holidays will certainly require decorations to make the party atmosphere more interesting. Decoration business owners can use this opportunity to reach out to their potential customers. Offer the types of decorations they can get and if you also have event organizer services, make sure to also provide promos so that potential clients are even more interested.


3. Laundry services


As we know, when not working or going to school, people tend to want to relax. Not to mention if they have to travel to a relative’s house or stay somewhere else. Of course, they don’t have enough time to wash and scrub themselves. The presence of laundry business actors is very helpful for them to enjoy holidays without thinking about laundry.


4. Greeting cards for holiday moments


Gathering is one aspect that should not be missed on holidays. That’s why, you can offer DIY (Do It Yourself) in the form of greeting cards that are suitable for certain celebratory moments, for example, Eid Al-Fitr. Provide interesting DIY greeting card options, such as cards that have a photo on them.

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5. Online shop


As one of the most popular platforms in the midst of rapid technological developments, online stores offer great opportunities for businesses to gain profits. What’s more, you can offer a variety of products needed before Eid. Some examples include fast food, clothing, and accessories.


6. Cleaning service


Even though it’s a holiday, not everyone has free time to clean their house and furniture. Not surprisingly, cleaning services also have high potential when entering the holiday season. This cleaning service should be made in several packages. So, customers can choose a package that suits their needs. The process of paying for cleaning services can be done after the cleaners complete their duties.


7. Food and Beverages


Who doesn’t want to relax on vacation? So, food and beverage businesses have a great opportunity to offer delivery services during the holiday season. So, customers can enjoy the food and drinks they like without having to bother preparing them themselves.


During the holiday season, businesses have many opportunities to gain profits. Moreover, there are several types of businesses that also often get a lot of requests ahead of the holidays. Let’s set your sales strategy so that ahead of the holidays, you can increase your income!            

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