All entrepreneurs have their own considerations before deciding to run the business they do. However, as we all know, there are also several factors that need to be considered carefully. Moreover, in the business sector, competition will always exist. Therefore, passion alone is not enough to advance a business, we must recognize other potentials in a business.


Now, discussing the business sector, we are certainly very familiar with the food and beverages business. How could I not, reported from, during the pandemic transactions in this one business sector increased online by 350 percent. So, why is this business opportunity so famous that many want to run it? Let’s find out the answer in the following explanation.


  1. Have a lot of market share

As a primary need, food is certainly in great demand, so this business is one of the potential opportunities. There are various ways to run a food business which is a basic necessity, for example, such as food stalls, catering, and frozen food which are now spreading amid the pandemic and appeals to stay at home.


  1. Provide new experiences for consumers

Well, apart from being one of the basic needs in addition to clothing and shelter, food and beverage business opportunities can also provide new experiences for the customers. So, it’s not just traveling to vacation spots that are categorized as tourism. Tasting various dishes can also be one of the ways we travel.

  1. Easy to find raw materials and suppliers

The culinary business is also one of the businesses that are generally easy to do. You see, there are many raw materials and suppliers that we can choose from. Of course, we can also adjust the use of raw materials according to the tastes of customers around us. For example, there are certain cities where people tend to consume spicy food. However, there are also cities that rarely provide spicy food.

  1. Start as a single fighter

Another reason why the food and beverages business is so popular is that it is a flexible business. This means that whoever we are, can start easily, of course, by adjusting the capital and expertise we already have. If for example we are used to making cookies, then we can immediately start selling cookies with a pre-order system.

  1. Do not have a store? No problem!

In the past few decades, maybe every business actor, including culinary entrepreneurs, must have a store, or at least a base they can use to wait for customers. However, with the convenience of today’s messaging services, F&B businesses can also be done from home.

  1. Easy to combine with other menus

It is widely known that the culinary world also has its own trends so that at any time our products are in demand. Fortunately, in the culinary world, this can be overcome easily, by presenting other menu creations. Remember, the newest menus also need to be adjusted according to the tastes of the customers!


  1. Have a quick return

The last thing that makes many people interested in the culinary business is the fast cash flow. In addition, talking about profit, this type of business also has a large profit potential, which can be around 50% of the initial capital. But, of course we can’t just look at the profit figures. Because behind that, there are efforts and skills required to make delicious food and drinks.


The number of enthusiasts in the culinary business is not only driven by the trend, but also by its promising potentials. How about you? Are you interested in having a food and beverage business? 

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