When discussing behavior, perhaps most of us think that behavior is only related to Psychology. However, the actual behavior is very related to business matters, especially small-scale business. By understanding consumer behavior, a business person can more easily develop his business.


This is evidenced by research conducted by the author and behavioral expert, namely Warren Kennaugh who examines how consumer behavior helps businesses to increase sales. According to Kennaugh, in psychology, behavior can be understood as how a group of people think, feel, and act in certain contexts.


Therefore, the way consumers behave and determine choices indirectly shows how they think and assess interactions with sellers. Well, then business people like you need to understand why some consumers buy certain products and why those consumers choose to shop at your place and not at other places. In addition, you also need to understand that their decisions are also based on factors such as prestige, cost, service, availability, and so on.


To understand this, Kennaugh advises businesses to find out what their customers’ habits are like, because this is the key to business success. Once a business owner can understand customers as a group, or certain customers as an individual, then he can approach sales, customer service, and the delivery process that suits his customers’ expectations.


Meanwhile, another important thing that is the reason why consumer behavior becomes important is to adjust a product with the values that are owned by consumers. Once a product can be in accordance with what the customer wants and thinks, the sales process will also be smoother. This applies to all industries, both in the form of goods and services.


For consumers, the experience they get when shopping is very important to determine whether they will shop in the same place or not. Do you understand what your customer’s behavior is like?

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